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Description of sampling designs using a comprehensive data structure

Byrne, John C.; Stage, Albert R. 1988. Description of sampling designs using a comprehensive data structure. In: Ek, A. R.; Shifly, S. R.; Burk, T .E., eds. Proceedings, IUFRO Conference, Forest Growth Modelling and Prediction; August 23-27 1987. Gen. Tech. Rep. NC-120, Vol. 2. St. Paul. MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station. p. 1066-1072.

Maintaining permanent plot data with different sampling designs over long periods within an organization, as well as sharing such information between organizations, requires that common standards be used. A data structure for the description of the sampling design within a stand is proposed. It is based on the definition of subpopulations of trees sampled, the rules used to sample each subpopulation, and linking variables that tie these two elements together. In addition, the data structure includes the spatial relationship of plots within the stand as well as the precision with which tree characteristics are measured. These elements provide all the information necessary for the compilation of stand attributes. Changes in design through the life of a set of permanent plots are common and the data structure is able to incorporate such changes. The data structure adequately describes an actual, complex subsampling design.

Keywords: sampling designs, plot data, data structure

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Description of sampling designs using a comprehensive data structure
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