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Forest overstory-understory relationships in Alabama forests

Joyce, L. A.; Baker, R. L. 1987. Forest overstory-understory relationships in Alabama forests. Forest Ecology and Management. 18(1): 49-59.

This study developed regional overstory-understory models for four forest types in southeastern Alabama and tested the ability of these models to predict understory vegetation using overstory data from southern and southwestern Alabama. Cross-sectional data from the USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Unit Multiresource Survey of Alabama was used to analyze the relationship between timber stand characteristics and herbaceous cover under planted pine, natural pine, mixed pine-hardwoods, and upland hardwoods. Herbaceous cover was significantly related to total growing stock volume of timber in all forest types. Stand characteristics and management activities that affected herbaceous cover varied by forest type. The models for planted pine, mixed pine-hardwoods, and upland hardwoods captured a significant amount of the variation in the original data. Extrapolation of southeastern Alabama overstory-understory relationships to southern and southwestern forests was not possible with these models.

Keywords: overstory-understory models, understory vegetation, overstory data

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Forest overstory-understory relationships in Alabama forests
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