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Solar radiation and forest fuel moisture

Byram, George M.; Jemison, George M. 1943. Solar radiation and forest fuel moisture. Journal of Agricultural Research. 67(4): 149-176.

A major contribution to progress in forest fire prevention and control during the past 10 years has been the development and widespread application of methods of rating forest fire danger. Fire danger rating systems are now in use in all the forest regions of the United States. They have been described by Gisborne, Brown and Davis, Curry et al., Matthews, Jemison, and others. Under each of these systems the major factors affecting fire danger are measured and the measurements are integrated by means of charts, tables, or some mechanical device into ratings, on a numerical scale, which are free from the serious errors common in estimates of fire danger based on personal judgment alone. The numerical ratings are usually defined in terms of probable fire behavior or of manpower required for suppression. They serve as a guide to efficient distributIon of fire-control funds and personnel.

Keywords: solar radiation, forest fuel moisture, fire danger rating systems

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Solar radiation and forest fuel moisture
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