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Western yellow pine in Arizona and New Mexico

Woolsey, Theodore S., Jr. 1911. Western yellow pine in Arizona and New Mexico. Bulletin 101. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. 64 p.

Western yellow pine is to the Southwest what white pine is to the Northeast, or longleaf pine to the Southeast. The commercial forests of Arizona and New Mexico are three-fourths western yellow pine, which furnishes by far the greater part of the lumber used locally as well as that shipped to outside markets. To describe the characteristics of the species and to explain the methods of management applied to it on the National Forests of the Southwest, in the hope that they may be applied as well, wherever possible, by private owners, is the chief purpose of this bulletin. It should serve also to assist Forest officers in their regular work, and to indicate opportunities for the purchase of Government stumpage in the National Forests of Arizona and New Mexico.

Keywords: western yellow pine, Pinus ponderosa, Arizona, New Mexico

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Western yellow pine in Arizona and New Mexico
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