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Permanent sample plots

Woolsey, Theodore S., Jr. 1912. Permanent sample plots. Forest Quarterly. 10: 38-44.

As early as 1906 the need for a systematic study of cut-over areas on the National Forests was keenly felt. It was impossible to predict to any degree of accuracy the net increment of the trees left after cutting, the height and diameter growth of individual trees, the death rate of some of the older trees nor was it possible to foretell the actual effect on reproduction and on the remaining stand of the different methods of marking, brush disposal, or grazing. Preliminary instructions were drawn up by the writer in co-operation with Mr. G. A. Pearson in 1909. These early instructions have since been amplified and amended chiefly through the efforts of Mr. Pearson and Mr. H. D. Burrall. While the exact methods cannot perhaps be applied directly to other parts of the United States, chiefly on account of the larger number of trees per acre, yet the instructions undoubtedly contain many points that will be of interest professionally.

Keywords: plots, timber, height and diameter growth, death rate

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