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General Technical Report INT-GTR-367

August 1997

FIRES: Fire Information Retrieval and Evaluation System - a Program for Fire Danger Rating Analysis

Patricia L. Andrews
Larry S. Bradshaw

Andrews, Patricia L.; Bradshaw, Larry S. 1997. FIRES: Fire Information Retrieval and Evaluation System - a program for fire danger rating analysis. Gen. Tech. Rep. INT-GTR-367. Ogden, UT; U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station. 64 p.

A computer program, FIRES: Fire Information Retrieval and Evaluation System, provides methods for evaluating the performance of fire danger rating indexes. The relationship between fire danger indexes and historical fire occurrence and size is examined through logistic regression and percentiles. Historical seasonal trends of fire danger and fire occurrence can be plotted and compared. Methods for defining critical levels of fire danger are provided. The paper includes a review of NFDRS philosophy and application, a description of input and output, and a summary of fire danger rating programs and data bases and their relationship to FIRES.

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Bullet Authors, Research Summary, and Acknowledgments

Bullet Introduction


BulletU.S. National Fire Danger Rating System Overview

BulletFIRES Information Flow - NFDRS Programs and Data

BulletFIRES Program Overview and Operation

BulletData File Preparation and Export

- File Types
- Preparing an Analysis File
- Custom Data Files
- Exporting Files

BulletData Summaries

BulletSeasonal Plots


BulletProbabilities and Logistic Regression

BulletPercentiles and Probabilities - a Comparison

BulletSetting Fire Danger Levels

BulletChoice of Index and Fuel Model



BulletAppendix A: Setup and Installation

- System Requirements
- Suggested Directory Setup
- Installation Procedure
- Running the Program
- Printer Setup
- Sample Data Files

BulletAppendix B: Sample FIRES Run

BulletAppendix C: Data Files

BulletAppendix D: Exporting Data Files

BulletSoftware Availability

Bullet Ordering a copy

Title: INT-GTR-367 - FIRES: Fire Information Retrieval and Evaluation System - a Program for Fire Danger Rating Analysis
Publish Date: July 14, 1997
Last Update:
May 10, 2012

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