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INT-GTR-276: Proceedings-symposium on cheatgrass invasion, shrub die-off, and other aspects of shrub biology and management; 1989 April 5-7; Las Vegas, NV

McArthur, E. Durant; Romney, Evan M.; Smith, Stanley D.; Tueller, Paul T., compilers. 1990. Proceedings-symposium on cheatgrass invasion, shrub die-off, and other aspects of shrub biology and management; 1989 April 5-7; Las Vegas, NV. Gen. Tech. Rep. INT-GTR-276. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station. 351 p.

Includes 45 papers and accounts of field trips from a symposium focused on a recent shrub die-off phenomenon and a perennial problem, cheatgrass invasion, on western rangelands. Contributions also cover shrub establishment, shrub ecosystem ecology and physiology, and plant and shrub ecosystems.

Keywords: seed germination, plant development, semiarid ecosystems, fire susceptibility, shrub establishment, ecology, physiology, shrub ecosystems

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Introduction: Cheatgrass Invasion and Shrub Die-Off
E. Durant McArthur
PDF File Size: 250 K

Section 1-Cheatgrass Invasion and Management on Western Rangelands

Changing Fire Frequencies on Idaho's Snake River Plains: Ecological and Management Implications
Steven G. Whisenant
PDF File Size: 720 K

The Cheatgrass-Wildfire Cycle-Are There Any Solutions?
Mike Pellant
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Cheatgrass: Management Implications in the 90's
Thomas C. Roberts, Jr.
PDF File Size: 360 K

Recent Increases in Bromus Populations on the Nevada Test Site
Richard Hunter
PDF File Size: 370 K

Changes in Vegetation and Land Use at Two Townships in Skull Valley, Western Utah
Steven R. Sparks, Neil E. West, Edith B. Allen
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Invasion of Cheatgrass into Arid Environments of the Lahontan Basin
James A. Young, Frosty Tipton
PDF File Size: 340 K

Wildfires on Big Sagebrush/Antelope Bitterbrush Range in Northeastern California: Implications for Deer Populations
Douglas R. Updike, Eric R. Loft, Frank A. Hall
PDF File Size: 595 K

Suppression of Annual Bromegrasses by Mountain Rye on Semiarid Mined Lands
Myron R. Andersen, Edward J. DePuit, Rollin H. Abernethy, Larry H. Kleinman
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Forage Kochia Competition With Cheatgrass in Central Utah
E. Durant McArthur, A. Clyde Blauer, Richard Stevens
PDF File Size: 950 K

Seeding Forage Kochia onto Cheatgrass-lnfested Rangelands
Stephen B. Monsen, Dale Turnipseed
PDF File Size: 610 K

Weedy Annuals and Establishment of Seeded Species on a Chained Juniper-Pinyon Woodland in Central Utah
James N. Davis, Kimball T. Harper
PDF File Size: 925 K

Section 2-Shrub Die-Off on Intermountain Rangelands

Wildland Shrub Dieoffs Following Excessively Wet Periods: A Synthesis
Arthur Wallace, David L. Nelson
PDF File Size: 365 K

The Possible Role of Plant Disease in the Recent Wildland Shrub Dieoff in Utah
David L. Nelson, Darrell J. Weber, Susan C. Garvin
PDF File Size: 745 K

Salinity and Moisture Stress in Relation to Dieoff of Wildland Shrubs
D. J. Weber, D. L. Nelson, W. M. Hess, R. B. Bhat
PDF File Size: 935 K

Vegetation Dynamics and Environmental Attributes of a Great Basin Valley Exhibiting Widespread Shrub Dieback
James P. Dobrowolski, Kern Ewing
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Winter Cold Hardiness of Seven Wildland Shrubs
R. H. Walser, D. J. Weber, E. D. McArthur, S. C. Sanderson
PDF File Size: 465 K

Shrub Mortality Over a 54-Year Period in Shadscale Desert, West-Central Utah
Kimball T. Harper, Fred J. Wagstaff, Warren P. Clary
PDF File Size: 780 K

Insects and Shrub Dieoff in Western States: 1986-89 Survey Results
B. Austin Haws, George E. Bohart, C. Riley Nelson, David L. Nelson
PDF File Size: 3.5 MB

Mealybugs and Related Homoptera of Shadscale: Possible Agents in the Dieoff Problem in the Intermountain West
C. Riley Nelson, B. Austin Haws, David L. Nelson
PDF File Size: 1.6 MB

Section 3-Piant Germination and Establishment

'Hobble Creek' Mountain Big Sagebrush Seed Production
Bruce L. Welch, Fred J. Wagstaff, Gary L. Jorgensen
PDF File Size: 420 K

Rejuvenation of Mountain Big Sagebrush on Mule Deer Winter Ranges Using Onsite Plants as a Seed Source
Fred J. Wagstaff, Bruce L. Welch
PDF File Size: 360 K

'Immigrant' Forage Kochia Competition With Halogeton Following Various Seeding Techniques
Richard Stevens, E. Durant McArthur
PDF File Size: 840 K

Seed Germination Biology of Spineless Hopsage: Inhibition by Bract Leachate
Rosemary L. Pendleton, Susan E. Meyer
PDF File Size: 730 K

Seed Germination Biology of Spineless Hopsage: Between-Population Differences in Dormancy and Response to Temperature
Susan E. Meyer, Rosemary L. Pendleton
PDF File Size: 590 K

Field Establishment of Spiny Hopsage
Nancy L. Shaw, Marshall R. Haferkamp
PDF File Size: 740 K

Seed-Source Differences in Initial Establishment for Big Sagebrush and Rubber Rabbitbrush
Susan E. Meyer, Stephen B. Monsen
PDF File Size: 900 K

Using Polymers to Enhance Shrub Transplant Survival and Seed Germination for Revegetation of Desert Lands
Garn A. Wallace, Arthur Wallace
PDF File Size: 275 K

Section 4-Shrub Ecosystem Ecology and Physiology

Variability and Diversity Caused by Environmental Forces in the Vegetation at the Nevada Test Site
Arthur Wallace, Evan M. Romney, Richard B. Hunter
PDF File Size: 910 K

Shrub Rooting and Water Acquisition on Threatened Shallow Groundwater Habitats in the Owens Valley, California
David P. Groeneveld
PDF File Size: 1.9 MB

Shrub Rooting Characteristics and Water Acquisition on Xeric Sites in the Western Great Basin
Sara J. Manning, David P. Groeneveld
PDF File Size: 670 K

Effect of Manipulating Soil Water and Nitrogen Regimes on Clipping Production and Water Relations of Creosote Bush
M. R. Sharifi, F. C. Meinzer, P. W. Rundel, E. T. Nilsen
PDF File Size: 525 K

Water Relations and Transpiration of Native Vegetation in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Stanley D. Smith, Kevin Leary, Connie Herr, Sam Hokett
PDF File Size: 550 K

Chemical Changes in the Soil Induced by Fire in a Community Dominated by Shrub-Grass
Robert R. Blank, James A. Young
PDF File Size: 385 K

Shrub Communities of the Lahontan Sands
James A. Young, Robert R. Blank, Thomas Lugaski
PDF File Size: 340 K

The Fire Effects Information System: A Tool for Shrub Information Management
Anne F. Bradley
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Indicator Value of Lichen Cover on Desert Shrubs
Roger Rosentreter
PDF File Size: 745 K

Section 5-Shrub Quality and Development

Improvement of Chokecherry, Silver Buffaloberry, and Hawthorn for Conservation Use in the Northern Plains
Michael J. Knudson, Russell J. Haas, Dwight A. Tober, Dale C. Darris, Erling T. Jacobson
PDF File Size: 935 K

Evaluation of Fourwing Saltbush as a Forage for Sheep and Angora Goats
D. N. Ueckert, J. L. Petersen, J. E. Huston, M. W. Wagner
PDF File Size: 580 K

Herbicides to Aid Establishment of Fourwing Saltbush
Joseph L. Petersen, Darrell N. Ueckert, Matthew W. Wagner
PDF File Size: 575 K

Diets of Sheep Grazing Forage Kochia and Winterfat Mixed Grass Pastures in Late Fall
Cyrus M. McKell, Robert M. Otsyina, John Malechek
PDF File Size: 580 K

Effects of Browsing on Growth and Reproductive Output of Engordacabra in North-Central Mexico
A. Romero-Manzanares, E. Garcfa-Moya
PDF File Size: 890 K

Multivariate Statistical Pattern Recognition of Curie-Point Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatographic Fingerprints From Rangeland Shrubs
D. N. Stevenson, R. V. Valcarce, G. G. Smith, B. A. Haws, E. D. McArthur, B. L. Welch, H. C. Stutz
PDF File Size: 965 K

Micropropagation of Elite Biotypes of Fourwing Saltbush
Swati Tripathy, J. R. Goodin
PDF File Size: 580 K

Section 6-Field Trips

Field Trip Report: Natural and Managed Recovery of Vegetation on Disturbed Areas at the Nevada Test Site
E. M. Romney, R. B. Hunter, A. Wallace
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Mojave Desert Field Trip
Stanley D. Smith, David J. M. Bradney
PDF File Size: 210 K

Title: INT-GTR-276: Proceedings-symposium on cheatgrass invasion, shrub die-off, and other aspects of shrub biology and management; 1989 April 5-7; Las Vegas, NV
Publish Date: May 22, 2012
Last Update:
October 17, 2012

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