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INT-GTR-184: Proceedings--symposium on recreation choice behavior

Stankey, George H.; McCool, Stephen F., compilers. 1985. Proceedings--symposium on recreation choice behavior; 1984 March 22-23; Missoula, MT. General Technical Report INT-184. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station.106 p.

Presents an overview paper and 11 contributed papers focused on the issue of the processes that underlie decision making by recreationists. The papers span a range of topics including the theory of choice behavior, empirical investigations of choice, and methodological approaches to the study of choice behavior.

Keywords: choice behavior, substitutability, recreation settings, recreation experiences, setting attributes

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Choosing recreation settings: Processes, findings, and research directions
Stephen F. McCool, George H. Stankey, and Roger N. Clark
PDF File Size: 810 K

Reconceptualizing the motive/environment link in recreation choice behavior
Richard Schreyer, Richard C. Knopf, and Daniel R. Williams
PDF File Size: 875 K

Substitution in recreation choice behavior
George L. Peterson, Daniel J. Stynes, Donald H. Rosenthal, and John F. Dwyer
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

A developmental model of recreation choice behavior
Daniel R. Williams
PDF File Size: 655 K

Choices of wilderness environments -- differences between real and hypothetical choice situations
Jean T. Beaulieu and Richard Schreyer
PDF File Size: 720 K

Do choices of sport fisheries reflect angler preferences for site attributes?
Charles C. Harris, B. L. Driver, and E. P. Bergersen
PDF File Size: 675 K

Approximating recreation site choice: The predictive capability of a lexicographic semi-order model
Alan E. Watson and Joseph W. Roggenbuck
PDF File Size: 585 K

Why here and not there: The conditional nature of recreation choice
Roger N. Clark and Kent B. Downing
PDF File Size: 845 K

Evaluating user impacts and management controls: Implications for recreation choice behavior
Harriet H. Christensen and Nanette J. Davis
PDF File Size: 725 K

Resource and activity substitutes for recreational salmon fishing in New Zealand
Bo Shelby
PDF File Size: 560 K

Predicting the impacts of a high-voltage transmission line on big game hunting opportunities in Western Montana
Stewart Allen
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Methodology for studying recreation choice behavior with emphasis on grounded inquiry
Kent B. Downing and Roger N. Clark
PDF File Size: 580 K

Title: INT-GTR-184: Proceedings--symposium on recreation choice behavior
Electronic Publish Date: July 18, 2007
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July 18, 2007

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