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RMRS-RN-47WWW: Living with wildfire in Boulder County, Colorado, 2007

Champ, Patricia A.; Brenkert-Smith, Hannah; Flores, Nicholas. 2011. Living with wildfire in Boulder County, Colorado, 2007. Res. Note RMRS-RN-47WWW. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 26 p.

The devastating impact of wildfire on residents living in fire prone areas has become an all too common media story in recent years. While significant efforts have been made to inform residents in fire prone areas of the risk, it is not clear to what extent property owners are taking action to reduce risk. Likewise, we know little about what factors are related to taking action to reduce risk. In an effort to explore these issues further and to better characterize the wildland urban interface (WUI) residents of Boulder County, Colorado, a general population survey of WUI residents was implemented. The survey was designed to provide information regarding knowledge, concern, and activities related to wildfire and wildfire risk mitigation. Survey results suggest that word had gotten out about wildfire risk as most survey respondents knew about the risk when they decided to purchase a home in a fire prone area. Likewise, survey respondents expressed concern that a wildfire would damage their home or property. Completing more wildfire risk mitigation actions was found to be related to first-hand experience with wildfire and perceptions of wildfire risk.

Keywords: wildfire, Boulder County, Colorado, wildland urban interface (WUI)

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Title: RMRS-RN-47WWW: Living with wildfire in Boulder County, Colorado, 2007
Electronic Publish Date: November 21, 2011
Last Update:
December 15, 2011

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