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RMRS-RB-3: New Mexico's Forest Resources, 2000

O'Brien, Renee A. 2003. New Mexico's Forest Resources, 2000. Resour. Bull. RMRS-RB-3. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 117 p.

This report presents a summary of the most recent inventory information for New Mexico's forest lands. Most of the data are from the inventory completed in 2000 that included National Forest System lands and reserved lands. This report includes descriptive highlights and tables of area, number of trees, biomass, volume, growth, mortality, successional stage, understory vegetation, removals, and net change. Most of the tables are organized by forest type, species, diameter class, or owner group. The report also describes inventory design, inventory terminology, and data reliability.

Results show that roughly 21 percent of the area of New Mexico is forest land, and that about 62 percent of the forest land is administered by government agencies. About 10 percent of the forest land in New Mexico is reserved from being utilized for wood products. The most common forest type is pinyon-juniper, comprising 54 percent of the total forest land. The tree species estimated to have the highest percent of the total number of trees is Gambel oak, with 30 percent. Ponderosa pine is estimated to make up 29 percent of the total biomass and 25 percent of the total cubic foot volume. The total volume of wood in live trees in New Mexico is estimated to be almost 16 billion cubic feet. The net volume of growing stock on nonreserved timberland is more than 7 billion cubic feet, with just over 68 percent occurring on lands administered by the National Forest System.

Keywords: forest land area, forest inventory, number of trees, biomass, volume, growth, mortality, forest type, double sampling

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Title: RMRS-RB-3: New Mexico's Forest Resources, 2000
Electronic Publish Date: March 9, 2004
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April 27, 2005

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