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RMRS-P-54: Third Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference

Havis, Robert N.; Crookston, Nicholas L., comps. 2008. Third Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference; 2007 February 13-15; Fort Collins, CO. Proceedings RMRS-P-54. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 234 p.

The Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) is a suite of computer modeling tools for predicting the long-term effects of alternative forest management actions. FVS was developed in the early 1980s and is used throughout the United Sates and British Columbia. The Third FVS conference, held February 13-15, 2007, in Fort Collins Colorado, contains 20 papers. They describe the use of FVS on the stand and landscape scale, and to analyze fuels management in the presence of insects and fire. Several papers compare FVS predictions of the effects of insects and disease to field measurements. FVS is continually evolving and improving in technology and capability to meet the needs of its ever increasing user community. Papers describe new methods for data acquisition and preparation for input to FVS, new economic analysis capabilities within FVS, new methods for simulating forest regeneration, new developments in calculating growth and mortality, and future plans for incorporating the effects of climate change in model simulations.

Keywords: forest management, forest planning, growth and yield, vegetation dynamics, habitat modeling, carbon inventory, prognosis model, landscape dynamics, fire, fuels, climate change, economics, forest health

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Issues In Forest Management

Vegetation Simulation and Our Changing World: Keynote Address
Corbin Newman
PDF File Size: 250 K

FVS and Global Warming: A Prospectus for Future Development
Nicholas L. Crookston, Gerald E. Rehfeldt, Dennis E. Ferguson, Marcus Warwell
PDF File Size: 870 K

The Kane Experimental Forest Carbon Inventory: Carbon Reporting with FVS
Coeli Hoover, Stephanie Rebain
PDF File Size: 410 K

Effects of Using Visualization and Animation in Presentations to Communities About Forest Succession and Fire Behavior Potential
Jane Kapler Smith, Donald E. Zimmerman, Carol Akerelrea, Garrett O'Keefe
PDF File Size: 225 K

Forest Disturbance: Fire

Incorporating Landscape Fuel Treatment Modeling into the Forest Vegetation Simulator
Robert C. Seli, Alan A. Ager, Nicholas L. Crookston, Mark A. Finney, Berni Bahro, James K. Agee, Charles W. McHugh
PDF File Size: 500 K

Modeling Bark Beetles and Fuels on Landscapes: A Demonstration of ArcFuels and a Discussion of Possible Model Enhancements
Andrew J. McMahan, Alan A. Ager, Helen Maffei, Jane L. Hayes, Eric L. Smith
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Forest Disturbance: Insect and Disease

Western Root Disease Model Simulation Versus Plot Remeasurement: 11 Years of Change in Stand Structure and Density Induced by Armillaria Root Disease in Central Oregon
Helen M. Maffei, Gregory M. Filip, Kristen L. Chadwick, Lance David
PDF File Size: 755 K

Comparison of FVS Projection of Oak Decline on the Mark Twain National Forest to Actual Growth and Mortality as Measured Over Three FIA Inventory Cycles
Don Vandendriesche, Linda Haugen
PDF File Size: 805 K

Preliminary Results of the FVS Gypsy Moth Event Monitor Using Remeasurement Plot Data from Northern West Virginia
Matthew P. Perkowski, John R. Brooks, Kurt W. Gottschalk
PDF File Size: 455 K

Forest Planning

Development of State and Transition Model Assumptions Used in National Forest Plan Revision
Eric B. Henderson
PDF File Size: 790 K

Use of FVS for a Forest-Wide Inventory on the Spokane Indian Reservation
Ted Hensold
PDF File Size: 780 K

Landscape Analysis Software Tools
Don Vandendriesche
PDF File Size: 685 K

FVS Data

Forest Inventory and Analysis Data for FVS Modelers
Patrick D. Miles
PDF File Size: 460 K

Forest Vegetation Simulator Translocation Techniques with the Bureau of Land Management's Forest Vegetation Information System Database
Timothy A. Bottomley
PDF File Size: 290 K

Aggregating Pixel-Level Basal Area Predictions Derived from LiDAR Data to Industrial Forest Stands in North-Central Idaho
Andrew T. Hudak, Jeffrey S. Evans, Nicholas L. Crookston, Michael J. Falkowski, Brant K. Steigers, Rob Taylor, Halli Hemingway
PDF File Size: 690 K

Model Development I

Inventory-Based Sensitivity Analysis of the Large Tree Diameter Growth Submodel of the Southern Variant of the FVS
Giorgio Vacchiano. John D. Shaw, R. Justin DeRose, James N. Long
PDF File Size: 645 K

Improving Longleaf Pine Mortality Predictions in the Southern Variant of the Forest Vegetation Simulator
R. Justin DeRose, John D. Shaw, Giorgio Vacchiano, James N. Long
PDF File Size: 555 K

Evaluating Growth Models: A Case Study Using PrognosisBC
Peter Marshall, Pablo Parysow, Shadrach Akindele
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Predicting the Recruitment of Established Regeneration into the Sapling Size Class Following Partial Cutting in the Acadian Forest Region: Using Long-Term Observations to Assess the Performance of FVS-NE
David Ray, Chad Keyser, Robert Seymour, John Brissette
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Model Development II

Building the ECON Extension: Functionality and Lessons Learned
Fred C. Martin
PDF File Size: 535 K

Development of FVSOntario: A Forest Vegetation Simulator Variant and Application Software for Ontario
Murray E. Woods, Donald C. E. Robinson
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Development of External Regeneration Models for FVS: Another Wrench in the Toolkit
Donald C. E. Robinson
PDF File Size: 595 K

Title: RMRS-P-54: Third Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference
Electronic Publish Date: September 30, 2008
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December 9, 2008

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