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RMRS-P-52: Proceedings-Shrublands under fire: disturbance and recovery in a changing world; 2006 June 6-8; Cedar City, UT

Kitchen, Stanley G.; Pendleton, Rosemary L.; Monaco, Thomas A.; Vernon, Jason, comps. 2008. Proceedings-Shrublands under fire: disturbance and recovery in a changing world; 2006 June 6-8; Cedar City, UT. Proc. RMRS-P-52. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 190 p.

The 27 papers in these proceedings are divided into five sections. The first includes an introduction to the symposium theme of Shrublands under Fire, along with a keynote address comparing ecosystem degradation in Iran with current problems in the semi-arid to arid Western United States. The next three sections cluster papers on invasive species, community dynamics and restoration, and fire recovery of shrubland ecosystems. The final section contains descriptions of two field trips; one focusing on the transitional zone between cold and warm desert systems, and the other on Great Basin shrublands and the Desert Experimental Range.

Keywords: wildland shrubs, disturbance, recovery, fire, invasive plants, restoration, ecology, microorganisms

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Introduction and Overview

Shrublands Under Fire: Disturbance and Recovery in a Changing World
Stanley G. Kitchen
PDF File Size: 135 K

Shah-Kan-Daw: Anthropogenic Simplification of Semi-arid Vegetation Structure
David A. Charlet
PDF File Size: 745 K

Invasive Species and Shrublands

Cheatgrass and Red Brome; the History and Biology of Two Invaders
Chad R. Reid, Sherel Goodrich, and James E. Bowns
PDF File Size: 185 K

Invasion of the Exotic Grasses: Mapping their Progression via Satellite
Eric B. Peterson
PDF File Size: 755 K

The Indirect Effects of Cheatgrass Invasion: Grasshopper Herbivory on Native Grasses Determined by Neighboring Cheatgrass Abundance
Julie Beckstead, Susan E. Meyer, and Carol K. Augsperger
PDF File Size: 345 K

Effects of Herbaceous Species Removal, Fire and Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) on Soil Water Availability in Sagebrush Steppe
Alison Whittaker, Bruce Roundy, Jeanne Chambers, Susan Meyer, Robert Blank, Stanley Kitchen, and John Korfmacher
PDF File Size: 565 K

Controlling Cheatgrass in Winter Range to Restore Habitat and Endemic Fire
Jennifer L. Vollmer and Joseph G. Vollmer
PDF File Size: 260 K

Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) Biocontrol Using Indigenous Fungal Pathogens
Susan E. Meyer, David L. Nelson, Suzette Clement, and Julie Beckstead
PDF File Size: 490 K

Spatial and Temporal Seed Dispersal of Squarrose Knapweed (Centaurea virgata Lam. ssp. squarrosa (Willd.) Gugler) in West Central Utah, a Case Study
Scott L. Jensen, Stephen B. Monsen, and Pat Fosse
PDF File Size: 305 K

Medusahead: Available Soil N and Microbial Communities in Native and Invasive Soils
Robert R. Blank, Rene Sforza, and Tye Morgan
PDF File Size: 355 K

Effects of Fire and Restoration Seeding on Establishment of Squarrose Knapweed (Centaurea virgata var. squarrosa)
Alison Whittaker and Scott L. Jensen
PDF File Size: 230 K

Shrubland Community Dynamics and Restoration

Symbiotic Fungi that Influence Vigor, Biomass and Reproductive Potential of Native Bunch Grasses for Remediation of Degraded Semiarid Rangelands
Jerry R. Barrow, Mary E. Lucero, and Isaac Reyes-Vera
PDF File Size: 345 K

Genetic Characterization of Uncultured Fungal Endophytes from Bouteloua eriopoda and Atriplex canescens
Mary E. Lucero, Jerry R. Barrow, Ruth Sedillo, Pedro Osuna-Avila, Isaac Reyes-Vera
PDF File Size: 280 K

Wildfire Rehabilitation Success with and without Chaining on the Henry Mountains, Utah
Cristina Juran, Bruce A. Roundy, and James N. Davis
PDF File Size: 675 K

Vole-Driven Restoration of a Parariparian Meadow Complex on the Colorado Plateau (South-Central Utah)
Dennis M. Bramble and Jean C. Bramble
PDF File Size: 580 K

Browse Evaluation of Tall Shrubs Based on the Direct Measurement of a Management Objective
Richard B. Keigley and Michael R. Frisina
PDF File Size: 495 K

Mule Deer and Elk Winter Diet as an Indicator of Habitat Competition
Michael R. Frisina, Carl L. Wambolt, W. Wyatt Fraas, and Glen Guenther
PDF File Size: 245 K

Radial Symmetry in the White Bursage (Ambrosia dumosa) in the Mojave Desert
Steven A. Lei and Simon A. Lei

Reproductive Biology of Larrea tridentata: A Comparison Between Core Shrubland and Isolated Grassland Plants at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico
Rosemary L. Pendleton, Burton K. Pendleton, Karen R. Wetherill, and Terry Griswold
PDF File Size: 290 K

Fire Recovery in Shrublands

A Survey of Vegetation and Wildland Fire Hazards on the Nevada Test Site
Dennis J. Hansen and W. Kent Ostler
PDF File Size: 820 K

Trout Creek 1999 Burn
Sherel Goodrich
PDF File Size: 455 K

Trend of Mountain Big Sagebrush Crown Cover and Ground Cover on Burned Sites, Uinta Mountains and West Tavaputs Plateau, Utah
Sherel Goodrich, Allen Huber, and Brian Monroe
PDF File Size: 450 K

Very Large Scale Aerial (VLSA) Imagery for Assessing Postfire Bitterbrush Recovery
Corey A. Moffet, J. Bret Taylor, and D. Terrance Booth
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

20 Years of Natural Recovery after Wildfire on Northern Nevada Rangelands
Ann P. Bollinger and Barry L. Perryman
PDF File Size: 505 K

Microsite and Time Since Prescribed Fire's Influence on Soil Microbiology in a Pinyon Woodland
Benjamin M. Rau, Robert R. Blank, and Tye Morgan
PDF File Size: 320 K

Field Trips

Great Basin Cold Desert Shrublands and the Desert Experimental Range
Stanley G. Kitchen and Stephanie L. Carlson
PDF File Size: 165 K

Disturbance and Rehabilitation of Cold to Warm Desert Transitional Shrublands in Southwestern Utah
Chad Reid and James Bowns
PDF File Size: 845 K

Title: RMRS-P-51: Ecology, management, and restoration of piñon-juniper and ponderosa pine ecosystems: combined proceedings of the 2005 St. George, Utah and 2006 Albuquerque, New Mexico workshops
Electronic Publish Date: October 28, 2008
Last Update:
January 25, 2010

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