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RMRS-P-49: Science and stewardship to protect and sustain wilderness values: Eighth World Wilderness Congress symposium

Watson, Alan; Sproull, Janet; Dean, Liese, comps. 2007. Science and stewardship to protect and sustain wilderness values: Eighth World Wilderness Congress symposium; September 30-October 6, 2005; Anchorage, AK. Proceedings RMRS-P-49. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 581 p.

ISSN 1945-0672 (print)
ISSN 1945-0680 (online)

The Eighth World Wilderness Congress met in Anchorage, Alaska, in 2005. The symposium on science and stewardship to protect and sustain wilderness values was the largest of multiple symposia held in conjunction with the Congress. The papers contained in this proceedings were generated at this symposium, submitted by the author or authors for consideration for inclusion in this proceedings, and have been organized into nine major topics: (1) Alaska: past, present and future; (2) connections between wilderness and communities; (3) values to local and distant societies of wilderness protection; (4) establishing priorities and developing policies for wilderness protection; (5) wilderness stewardship challenges in a changing world; (6) encouraging stewardship through education; (7) place and spirit: commitment to wilderness; (8) protecting ecological integrity of wilderness; and (9) wilderness, water, and wisdom.

Keywords: wilderness, biodiversity, protected areas, economics, subsistence, tourism, traditional knowledge, community involvement, policy, stewardship, education, spiritual values

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Section 1-Alaska: Past, Present, and Future

Wilderness Insights From Alaska: Past, Present, and Future
Deborah L. Williams
PDF File Size: 235 K

A History of Alaska Wilderness
Frank Norris
PDF File Size: 260 K

The Virtues of Localism and Arctic Wilderness Politics
James N. Gladden
PDF File Size: 235 K

A GIS-Based Method to Evaluate Undeveloped BLM Lands in Alaska
Jason Geck
PDF File Size: 705 K

Subsistence, Tourism, and Research: Layers of Meaning in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
Karen Gaul
PDF File Size: 2.3 MB

Economics of Wild Salmon Ecosystems: Bristol Bay, Alaska
John W. Duffield, Christopher J. Neher, David A. Patterson, and Oliver S. Goldsmith
PDF File Size: 605 K

Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Applying Principles of Sustainability to Wilderness Resource Management
Nancy C. Ratner and Davin L. Holen
PDF File Size: 215 K

Section 2-Connections Between Wilderness and Communities

People and Watersheds: The Case of the Totem Fish of the North Pacific
Gus diZerega
PDF File Size: 270 K

Wild Cemeteries?
Les Wadzinski
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Community Involvement in Planning and Management for Outdoor Recreation in New Zealand Protected Areas
Steve Sutton and Gordon Cessford
PDF File Size: 560 K

Two Countries, One Forest: Working Beyond Political Boundaries in the Northern Appalachian/Acadian Forest
James Sullivan
PDF File Size: 160 K

Community Conservation Adjacent to Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Sue Stolberger
PDF File Size: 195 K

The Heritage Park Model: A Partnership Approach to Park Expansion in Poor Rural Areas
Charles Ndabeni, Maretha Shroyer, Willie Boonzaaier, Gabriel Mokgoko, and Sam Mochine
PDF File Size: 730 K

Making Connections Beyond the Choir
David Johns
PDF File Size: 195 K

Creating Institutions of Care: The Case for Democratic Forest Trusts
Gus diZerega
PDF File Size: 220 K

Friends of the Inyo: Eastern Sierra Wilderness Stewardship Project
Paul McFarland and Jamie Anderson
PDF File Size: 720 K

Socio-Ecosystems and Urban Habitats
Margarita V. Alario
PDF File Size: 225 K

Citizen Monitoring and Restoration: Volunteers and Community Involvement in Wilderness Stewardship
Laurie Yung
PDF File Size: 240 K

Section 3-Values to Local and Distant Society of Wilderness Protection

Balancing Conservation Management and Tourism Development With Wilderness Stewardship in the Kruger National Park, South Africa
F. J. (Freek) Venter
PDF File Size: 225 K

Wild Mountains, Wild Rivers: Keeping the Sacred Origins
Linda Moon Stumpff
PDF File Size: 255 K

Economic Value of Ecosystem Conservation in Japan: Reduction of Starting Point Bias by Bid Effect Function
Mitsuyasu Yabe
PDF File Size: 785 K

Wilderness Values: Perspectives From Non-Economic Social Science
Daniel R. Williams and Alan E. Watson
PDF File Size: 365 K

Between Wilderness and the Middle Landscape: A Rocky Road
Lisi Krall
PDF File Size: 225 K

Wilderness Discount on Livestock Compensation Costs for Imperiled Gray Wolf Canis lupus
J. Christopher Haney, Timm Kroeger, Frank Casey, Alysa Quarforth, Gina Schrader, and Suzanne Asha Stone
PDF File Size: 545 K

Arctic and Wilderness Travel-Hosts and Guests: The Territory of Nunavut, Canada
Wilfred E. Richard
PDF File Size: 1.6 MB

Managing Recreational Experiences in Arctic National Parks: A Process for Identifying Indicators
Stephen F. McCool, Paul R. Lachapelle, Heather Gosselin, Frances Gertsch, and Vicki Sahanatien
PDF File Size: 445 K

Advocating for Antarctic Wilderness: Short-term Visits and Human Values
Patrick T. Maher
PDF File Size: 570 K

Studying Boat-Based Bear Viewing: Methodological Challenges and Solutions
Sarah Elmeligi
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

Tourism in Rural Alaska
Katrina Church-Chmielowski
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Special Offer-7 Days Fly and Drive Antarctica: The Role of Wilderness Protection in Deciding Whether (Semi) Permanent Tourist Facilities in Antarctica Should be Prohibited
Kees Bastmeijer
PDF File Size: 265 K

Section 4-Establishing Priorities and Developing Policies for Wilderness Protection

Land Claims as a Mechanism for Wilderness Protection in the Canadian Arctic
Vicki Sahanatien
PDF File Size: 1.7 MB

Prospects for Natural World Heritage Sites in the Northwest Pacific Region
Jim Thorsell
PDF File Size: 210 K

Wilderness and the Paradox of Individual Freedom
Randy J. Tanner
PDF File Size: 330 K

NatureLinks: Protected Areas, Wilderness, and Landscape Connectivity in South Australia, Australia
Adrian Stokes and Greg Leaman
PDF File Size: 415 K

Conservation Planning in a Tropical Wilderness: Opportunities and Threats in the Guianan Ecoregion Complex
Jan Schipper, Gary Clarke, and Tom Allnutt
PDF File Size: 2 MB

A Proposal for a Pamir International Peace Park
George B. Schaller
PDF File Size: 2 MB

Action Toward Wilderness Protection in Australia
Keith Muir
PDF File Size: 225 K

Tanzania Wilderness Areas
M. G. G. Mtahiko
PDF File Size: 460 K

Transboundary Protected Area Proposals Along the Southern Andes of Chile and Argentina: Status of Current Efforts
Peter Keller
PDF File Size: 440 K

Some Biodiversity Points and Suggestions for the Myanmar Protected Area System
Daniel H. Henning
PDF File Size: 205 K

Transboundary Natural Area Protection: Broadening the Definition of National Security
Haven B. Cook
PDF File Size: 310 K

Challenges of Nature Conservation in Postsocialist Bulgaria: A View From the Rhodope Mountains
Barbara A. Cellarius
PDF File Size: 2.4 MB

Rewilding in England and Wales: A Review of Recent Developments, Issues, and Concerns
Steve Carver
PDF File Size: 295 K

Designating Wilderness Areas: A Framework for Examining Lessons From the States
Gary Bryner
PDF File Size: 285 K

Identifying Core Habitat and Connectivity for Focal Species in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock Forest of North America to Complete a Conservation Area Design
Lance Craighead and Baden Cross
PDF File Size: 2.5 MB

Section 5-Wilderness Stewardship Challenges in a Changing World

Developing Additional Capacity for Wilderness Management: An International Exchange Program Between South Africa and United States Wilderness Rangers
Pierre van den Berg and Ralph Swain
PDF File Size: 225 K

Managing Consumptive and Nonconsumptive Use in the United States Largest Wilderness
Vicki Snitzler and Barbara Cellarius
PDF File Size: 380 K

Expansion of the Wilderness Values Scale With Three Sub-Scales: Personal Maintenance, Expression and Learning, and Societal Maintenance
Rudy M. Schuster, Ken Cordell, and Gary T. Green
PDF File Size: 325 K

Commander Islands as the Significant Point for Monitoring Some Dangerous Changes in the
Beringia Ecosystem

Vladimir Sevostianov
PDF File Size: 245 K

Use of Stock to Maintain and Construct Trails in the Eastern United States
Eric Sandeno
PDF File Size: 225 K

Identifying Threats, Values, and Attributes in Brazilian Wilderness Areas
Teresa Cristina Magro, Alan Watson, and Paula Bernasconi
PDF File Size: 370 K

A Look Inside the Dynamics of Trust: A Guide for Managers
Adam Liljeblad, Alan E. Watson, and William T. Borrie
PDF File Size: 245 K

Wilderness Stewardship Challenges in the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site
Sonja Krüger
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Inter-Observer Agreement of a Multi-Parameter Campsite Monitoring Program on the Dixie National Forest, Utah
Nicholas J. Glidden and Martha E. Lee
PDF File Size: 535 K

Protecting the Protectors of Wilderness
Juan Carlos Gambarotta
PDF File Size: 485 K

Using the Minimum Requirement Concept to Manage Research in the Yosemite Wilderness
Mark Fincher
PDF File Size: 275 K

Measurement of Water Quality of High-Altitude Wilderness Streams: Cloud Peak Wilderness, Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming
Karen Ferguson
PDF File Size: 180 K

Shrinking Wild Lands: Assessing Human Intrusion in the Highlands of Scotland, 1870 to 2004, Using Geographical Information Systems
Steve Carver and Mark Wrightham
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Wilderness Recreation Participation: Projections for the Next Half Century
J. M. Bowker, D. Murphy, H. K. Cordell, D. B. K. English, J. C. Bergstrom, C. M. Starbuck, C. J. Betz, G. T. Green, and P. Reed
PDF File Size: 530 K

Visitors' Experience and Lack of Knowledge of Minimum Impact Techniques in the Highlands of Brazil's Itatiaia National Park
Maria Isabel Amando de Barros and Teresa Cristina Magro
PDF File Size: 285 K

Tracking Progress: Applying the Forest Service 10 Year Wilderness Stewardship Challenge as a Model of Performance Management
Liese C. Dean
PDF File Size: 385 K

Section 6-Encouraging Stewardship Through Education

Wilderness Education: The Ultimate Commitment to Quality Wilderness Stewardship
Gregory F. Hansen and Tom Carlson
PDF File Size: 420 K

Nature is the Home of Culture-Friluftsliv is a Way Home
Nils Faarlund, Boerge Dahle, and Aage Jensen
PDF File Size: 335 K

Restoring Youth: Restoring Relationships to Wildlife and Wild Places
Linda Moon Stumpff
PDF File Size: 210 K

Paddling the Big Sky: Reflections on Place-Based Education and Experience
Phil Mullins and Patrick T. Maher
PDF File Size: 2.2 MB

Comparing the Wilderness Message of U.S. Land Management Agencies
C. Griffin, S. Januchowski, J. Hooker, E. Isely, E. Daniels, C. Lucas, R. Feuerstein, and M. Bosma
PDF File Size: 280 K

Outdoor Programs and Environmental Beliefs: Investigating the Stability of Outcomes and Levels of Salience
Alan Ewert, Alison Voight, David Calvin, and Aya Hayashi
PDF File Size: 525 K

Historic Voyage as a Catalyst for Inspiring Change
Ann Melinda Bell
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Section 7-Place and Spirit: Commitment to Wilderness

Spiritual Revelation in Wilderness Under Down-Under
Peter Ashley
PDF File Size: 305 K

Crossing The Divide
Florence Rose Shepard
PDF File Size: 225 K

The "Wilderness Knot"
Haydn G. Washington
PDF File Size: 450 K

White Lions: Reintroduction to Their Natural and Spiritual Homelands
Linda Tucker
PDF File Size: 430 K

Is This a One-night Stand or the Start of Something Meaningful? Developing Relationships to Place in National Park Backcountry
Jeffrey J. Brooks, George N. Wallace, and Daniel R. Williams
PDF File Size: 520 K

Defining Values in Place: A Practical Application for Visitor Management in Protected Areas
Gordon Cessford, and Mike Edginton
PDF File Size: 600 K

Relationships to Place in Wildland Resources Management: Developing an Effective Research Approach
Neal Christensen, Alan Watson, and James Burchfield
PDF File Size: 680 K

Psychophysiological Responses and Restorative Values of Wilderness Environments
Chun-Yen Chang, Ping-Kun Chen, William E. Hammitt, and Lisa Machnik
PDF File Size: 285 K

Section 8-Protecting Ecological Integrity of Wilderness

Toda Relationship With Nature as an Indication of Ecosystem Health
Tarun Chhabra
PDF File Size: 1.7 MB

Living in Interesting Times: Selected Implications of Landscape Ecology for Conservation Science
John Shultis
PDF File Size: 255 K

Managing for Ecological Integrity in Protected Wildlands: Key Management Challenges and Research Priorities in British Columbia
Pamela A. Wright
PDF File Size: 365 K

Ecological Restoration of Degraded Wilderness Ecosystems: Removing Exotic Plants and Introducing Prescribed Fire to Restore Natural Diversity in Two National Park Wilderness Areas
Gary Vequist
PDF File Size: 745 K

Wilderness and Wild Lands in the Northern Appalachian Region of North America: An Ecological Perspective
Stephen C. Trombulak
PDF File Size: 260 K

Protecting Biodiversity in situ in the Amazonian Region of Brazil
Claudia Sellier
PDF File Size: 285 K

Some Practical Considerations in Restoration of Wilderness Geodiversity: Insights From Lake Pedder, Tasmania
Kevin Kiernan
PDF File Size: 375 K

Wilderness Restoration: Bureau of Land Management and the Student Conservation Association in the California Desert District
J. Dan Abbe
PDF File Size: 820 K

Section 9-Wilderness, Water, and Wisdom

Salmon Theology: Return to Traditional Reasoning
Joseph Clair
PDF File Size: 430 K

Wilderness, Water, and Quality of Life in the Bitterroot Valley
Kari Gunderson and Clint Cook
PDF File Size: 410 K

Are Wildland Watersheds Safest and Best?
Lawrence S. Hamilton
PDF File Size: 285 K

Field Testing Existence Values for Riparian Ecosystems
John W. Duffield, Chris J. Neher, David A. Patterson, and Patricia A. Champ
PDF File Size: 410 K

Three Rivers: Protecting the Yukon's Great Boreal Wilderness
Juri Peepre
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Use of Clostridium perfringens as a Fecal Indicator to Detect Intertidal Disposal at Backcountry Marine Campsites in Prince William Sound, Alaska
Gino Graziano, Paul Twardock, Rusty Myers, Roman Dial, and David Scheel
PDF File Size: 545 K

How the National Marine Sanctuaries Act Diverged from the Wilderness Act Model and Lost Its Way in the Land of Multiple Use
William J. Chandler and Hannah Gillelan
PDF File Size: 265 K

Leatherback Sea Turtle Stewardship to Attain Local, Regional, and Global Marine Conservation and Management
Randall Arauz and Todd Steiner
PDF File Size: 685 K

Title: RMRS-P-49: Science and stewardship to protect and sustain wilderness values: Eighth World Wilderness Congress symposium
Electronic Publish Date: November 2, 2007
Last Update:
November 2, 2007

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