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RMRS-P-45: Proceedings from the Third Workshop on Genetics of Bark Beetles and Associated Microorganisms

Bentz, Barbara; Cognato, Anthony; Raffa, Kenneth, eds. 2007. Proceedings from the Third Workshop on Genetics of Bark Beetles and Associated Microorganisms. Proc. RMRS-P-45. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 51 p.

These proceedings provide a synopsis of the Third Workshop on Genetics of Bark Beetles and Association Microorganisms, which was held May 20-2, 2006 in Asheville, NC. Twenty- five participants from five countries attended the meeting. The proceedings are structured into four parts: Phylogenetics of Bark Beetles, Population Genetics of Bark Beetles, Bark Beetle Gene Structure and Function, and Genetics of Symbionts, Natural Enemies, and Hosts. The abstracts give a snapshot of our current understanding of the genetics of bark beetles and associated microorganisms.

Keywords: genetics, bark beetles, microorganism

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Phylogenetics of Bark Beetles

Reconstructing the Phylogeny of Scolytinae and Close Allies: Major Obstacles and Prospects for a Solution
Bjarte H. Jordal
PDF File Size: 400 K

A Standard DNA Taxonomy for Insects?
Anthony I. Cognato
PDF File Size: 190 K

Population Genetics of Bark Beetles

Pitfalls in Applying Mitochondrial Markers Onto the Scolytid Species Pityogenes chalcographus
Wolfgang Arthofer, Dimitrios N. Avtzis, Markus Riegler,, Wolfgang J. Miller, and Christian Stauffer
PDF File Size: 255 K

Invasion Genetics of Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis FAIRMAIRE) in North America
Alicia M. Bray, Leah S. Bauer, Robert A. Haack, Therese Poland, and James J. Smith
PDF File Size: 120 K

Genetic and Phenotypic Resistance in Lodgepole Pine to Attack by Mountain Pine Beetle
Alvin Yanchuk and Kimberly Wallin
PDF File Size: 70 K

Genetic Architecture of Differences in Fitness Traits Among Geographically Separated Dendroctonus ponderosae Populations
Barbara Bentz, Mike Pfrender, Ryan Bracewell, and Karen Mock
PDF File Size: 150 K

Phylogeography of Dendroctonus rufipennis Based on mtDNA and Microsatellites
Kenneth F. Raffa, Luana S. Maroja, Steven M. Bogdanowicz, Kimberly F. Wallin, and Richard G. Harrison
PDF File Size: 200 K

Phylogeographic Analysis of the Douglas-fir Beetle Dendroctonus pseudotsugae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae)
Enrico A. Ruíz, Jane L. Hayes, John E. Rinehart, and G. Zúñiga
PDF File Size: 230 K

Evolutionary Ecology of Pheromone Signaling in Dendroctonus frontalis
Deepa S. Pureswaran, Brian T. Sullivan, and Matthew P. Ayres
PDF File Size: 75 K

Bark Beetle Gene Structure and Function

Red Turpentine Dendroctonus valens P450s: Diversity, Midgut Location, and Response to Alfa-pinene Enantiomers
M. Fernanda López, Viviana Cerrillo, Zulema Gómez, M. Shibayama, Olga-Arciniega, and Gerardo Zúñiga
PDF File Size: 260 K

Expression Patterns of Bark Beetle Cytochromes P450 During Host Colonization: Likely Physiological Functions and Potential Targets for Pest Management
Dezene P. W. Huber, Melissa Erickson, Christian Leutenegger, Joerg Bohlmann, and Steven J. Seybold
PDF File Size: 130 K

Genetics of Symbionts, Natural Enemies, and Hosts

Yeasts Associated with Bark Beetles of the Genus Dendroctonus erichson (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae): Molecular Identification and Biochemical Characterization
Flor N. Rivera, Zulema Gómez, Evelyn González, Nydia López, César H. Hernández Rodríguez, and Gerardo Zúñiga
PDF File Size: 235 K

Gut Bacteria of Bark and Wood Boring Beetles
Archana Vasanthakumar, Yasmin Cardoza, Italo Delalibera, Patrick Schloss, Jo Handelsman, Kier Klepzig, and Kenneth Raffa
PDF File Size: 205 K

Title: RMRS-P-45: Proceedings from the Third Workshop on Genetics of Bark Beetles and Associated Microorganisms
Electronic Publish Date: May 21, 2007
Last Update:
May 24, 2007

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