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RMRS-P-42CD: Monitoring Science and Technology Symposium: Unifying Knowledge for Sustainability in the Western Hemisphere

Aguirre-Bravo, C.; Pellicane, Patrick J.; Burns, Denver P.; and Draggan, Sidney, Eds. 2006. Monitoring Science and Technology Symposium: Unifying Knowledge for Sustainability in the Western Hemisphere. 2004 September 20-24; Denver, CO. Proceedings RMRS-P-42CD. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 990 p.

A rational approach to monitoring and assessment is prerequisite for sustainable management of ecosystem resources. This features innovative ways to advance the concept of monitoring ecosystem sustainability across spheres of environmental concern, natural and anthropogenic processes, and other hemispheric issues over a variety of spatial scales and resolution levels. Individuals and institutions, committed to mutual sustainability of ecosystem resources and human institutions, shared experiences and outlined a foundation for advancing the science and practice of monitoring and assessment at multiple geographical and organizational scales. Questions addressed in the proceedings papers include: What is the status and condition, and what are the trends in ecosystem sustainability? What are the strategies and opportunities for solving the sustainability dilemma? What are the individual and institutional responses to the sustainability challenge? Discussion during the symposium fostered the creation of coherent and unified ecosystem resource sustainability assessments and syntheses valuable to support environmental management and decision-making processes. The proceedings is a testimonial to the wealth of information presented at the symposium and a positive indicator of inter- and transdisciplinary scientific and technical success.

Keywords: monitoring, assessment, sustainability, Western Hemisphere, sustainable management, ecosystem resources

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Atmosphere Systems and Processes

The Effects of Nitrogen Deposition, Ambient Ozone, and Climate Change on Forests in the Western U.S
M.E. Fenn
PDF File Size: 360 K

Critical Loads and Levels: Leveraging Existing Monitoring Data
D. G. Fox, A. R. Riebau, R. Fisher
PDF File Size: 4.8 MB

Monitoring Forest Condition in Europe: Impacts of Nitrogen and Sulfur Depositions on Forest Ecosystems
M. Lorenz, G. Becher, V. Mues, E. Ulrich
PDF File Size: 2.5 MB

Critical Levels as Applied to Ozone for North American Forests
Robert C. Musselman
PDF File Size: 230 K

Canadian Experiences in Development of Critical Loads for Sulphur and Nitrogen
Shaun Watmough, Julian Aherne, Paul Arp, Ian DeMerchant, Rock Ouimet
PDF File Size: 620 K

Biosphere Systems and Processes

Putting Adaptive Management into Monitoring: Retrospective and Prospective Views of Northwest Forest Plan Monitoring
David E. Busch, Jon R. Martin
PDF File Size: 430 K

Conceptual Frameworks for Monitoring of High-altitude Andean Ecosystems
David E. Busch, Xavier Silva
PDF File Size: 460 K

Remote Sensing of Saltcedar Biological Control Effectiveness
Ray Carruthers, Gerald Anderson, Jack DeLoach, Jeff Knight, Shaokui Ge, Peng Gong
PDF File Size: 2.5 MB

Herpetological Communities of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque: What Do We Know, What Should We Know, and Why?
Alice L. Chung-MacCoubrey, Heather L. Bateman
PDF File Size: 630 K

Relevance of the Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Rangeland Management to Conditions in Patagonia (Argentina)
Andrés F. Cibils, Gabriel E. Oliva
PDF File Size: 410 K

Groundwater, Vegetation, and Atmosphere: Comparative Riparian Evapotranspiration, Restoration, and Water Salvage
J. R. Cleverly, C. N. Dahm, J. R. Thibault, D. McDonnell, J. E. Allred Coonrod
PDF File Size: 640 K

Monitoring to Protect the Character of Individual Wildernesses
David N. Cole
PDF File Size: 560 K

Planning for Large Scale Habitat Restoration in the Socorro Valley, New Mexico
Gina Dello Russo, Yasmeen Najmi
PDF File Size: 700 K

Overview of Saltcedar Biological Control
C. Jack DeLoach, Lindsey R. Milbrath, Ray Carruthers, Allen E. Knutson, Fred Nibling, Debra Eberts, David C. Thompson, David J. Kazmer, Tom L. Dudley, Dan W. Bean, Jeff B. Knight
PDF File Size: 740 K

The Laws of Diminishing Yields in the Tropics
R. Derpsch, M. Florentín, K. Moriya
PDF File Size: 240 K

Toward a Framework for Conducting Ecoregional Threats Assessments
Jamison Ervin, Jeffrey Parrish
PDF File Size: 340 K

Monitoring Bird Populations in Relation to Fuel Loads and Fuel Treatments in Riparian Woodlands with Tamarisk and Russian Olive Understories
Deborah M. Finch, June Galloway, David Hawksworth
PDF File Size: 910 K

Soil and Water Indicators of the Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable
M.G. "Sherm" Karl, D.A. Pyke, P.T. Tueller, G.E. Schuman, R.W. Shafer, S.J. Borchard, D.T. Booth, W.G. Ypsilantis, R.H. Barrett, Jr.
PDF File Size: 350 K

An Overview of University of Alaska Anchorage, ENRI Research on the Spruce Bark Beetle Infestation, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, 1997--2002
Vernon J. LaBau
PDF File Size: 690 K

Ground-Based Photomonitoring of Ecoregional Ecological Changes in Northwestern Yunnan, China
James P. Lassoie, Kiran E. Goldman, Robert K. Moseley
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Carbon Pools--Checking the Deep End, Before Diving In (The ME Experience)
K. M. Laustsen
PDF File Size: 360 K

Analyzing the Economics of Tamarisk in the Pecos, Rio Grande, and Colorado River Watersheds
Lewis, Joseph W., Basala, Allen, Zavaleta, Erika, Parker,Douglas L., Taylor, John, Horner, Mark, Dionigi, Christopher, Carlson, Timothy, Spiller, Samuel, Nibling, Frederick
PDF File Size: 300 K

Monitoring Insects to Maintain Biodiversity in Ogawa Forest Reserve
S. Makino, T. Inoue, K. Hamaguchi, K. Okabe, I. Okochi, H. Tanaka, H. Goto, M. Hasegawa, M. Sueyoshi
PDF File Size: 440 K

Social and Economic Indicators of the Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable
John E. Mitchell, Daniel W. McCallum, Lewis E. Swanson, John Tanaka, Mark Brunson, Aaron Harp, L. Allen Torell, H. Theodore Heintz
PDF File Size: 280 K

Monitoring Riparian Restoration: A Management Perspective
Yasmeen Najmi, Sterling Grogan
PDF File Size: 265 K

Urban Forest Health Monitoring in the United States
David J. Nowak, Robert Hoehn, Jeffrey T. Walton, Daniel E. Crane, Jack C. Stevens, Daniel Twardus, Anne Cumming, Manfred Mielke, Bill Smith
PDF File Size: 460 K

Monitoring Patagonian Rangelands: The MARAS System
Oliva, Gabriel, Juan Escobar, Guillermo Siffredi, Jorge Salomone, Gustavo Buono
PDF File Size: 415 K

Nonnative Invasive Plants in South Carolina: Combining Phase-2 with Phase-3 Vegetation Structure and Diversity Pilot Data to Enhance our Understanding of Forest Health Issues
Sonja N. Oswalt
PDF File Size: 525 K

Socioeconomic Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss in Madagascar
Anitry N. Ratsifandrihamanana, Dawn Montanye, Sarah Christiansen, Sheila O'Connor
PDF File Size: 2.6 MB

Tamarisk Mapping and Monitoring Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Jason W. San Souci, John T. Doyle
PDF File Size: 310 K

Monitoring Ecosystems and Biodiversity at a Continental Scale--A Proposal for South America
Xavier Silva
PDF File Size: 2.9 MB

An Overview of Inventory and Monitoring and the Role of FIA in National Assessments
W. Brad Smith
PDF File Size: 380 K

Wildfire, Exotic Vegetation, and Breeding Bird Habitat in the Rio Grande Bosque
D. Max Smith, Jeff F. Kelly, Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 1.6 MB

Saltcedar and Southwestern Willow Flycatchers: Lessons From Long-term Studies in Central Arizona
M. K. Sogge, E. H. Paxton, April A. Tudor
PDF File Size: 400 K

Monitoring Late-Successional Forest Biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.
Thomas A. Spies, Jon R. Martin
PDF File Size: 300 K

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Program--Monitoring Effectiveness of Sustainable Forest Management Planning
J. John Stadt, Jim Schieck, Harry Stelfox
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Aerial Treatment of Salt Cedar Within Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat--A Success Story
Nyleen H. Troxel Stowe
PDF File Size: 285 K

Sequencing Conservation Actions Through Threat Assessments in the Southeastern United States
Robert D. Sutter, Christopher C. Szell
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Monitoring of Biodiversity Indicators in Boreal Forests: A Need for Improved Focus
Ian D. Thompson
PDF File Size: 525 K

Erratum: Southwestern Avian Community Organization in Exotic Tamarix: Current Patterns and Future Needs
H. A. Walker
PDF File Size: 275 K

Monitoring the Relationship Between the Public and Public Lands: Application to Wilderness Stewardship in the U.S.
Alan Watson, William Borrie
PDF File Size: 285 K

The Politics and Science of Tamarisk
Philip Westra
PDF File Size: 215 K

Changes in Riparian Vegetation Buffers in Response to Development in Three Oregon Cities
J. A. Yeakley, C. P. Ozawa, A. M. Hook
PDF File Size: 815 K

Hydrosphere Systems and Processes

Regional Monitoring of Coral Condition in the Florida Keys
William S. Fisher, Deborah L. Santavy, William P. Davis, Lee A. Courtney
PDF File Size: 940 K

Use of EMAP Freshwater and Marine Data in EPA Region 10
Gretchen A. Hayslip, C. Lorraine Edmond, Lillian G. Herger
PDF File Size: 405 K

From Marshes to the Continental Shelf: Results of the Western Component of the US EPA National Coastal Assessment
W. G. Nelson, H. Lee II, J. O. Lamberson
PDF File Size: 920 K

An Integrated Monitoring Approach Using Multiple Reference Sites to Assess Sustainable Restoration in Coastal Louisiana
Gregory D. Steyer, Robert R. Twilley, Richard C. Raynie
PDF File Size: 750 K

Assessment of Eutrophication in Estuaries: Pressure-State-Response and Source Apportionment
David Whitall, Suzanne Bricker
PDF File Size: 2 MB

Rhizosphere Systems and Processes

Use of Data Layering to Address Changes in Nitrogen Management Zone Delineation
D.W. Franzen, T. Nanna
PDF File Size: 1.9 MB

Contributions to Improve Fallow System in Yucatan State Mexico
Gabriel Uribe Valle, Juan Jiménez-Osornio, Roberto Dzib Echeverría
PDF File Size: 360 K

Historic Hydroclimatic Variability in Northern Mexico
José Villanueva-Diaz, J. Cerano-Paredes, D.W. Stahle, B. H. Luckman, M.D. Therrell, M.K. Cleaveland, G. Gutierrez-Garcia
PDF File Size: 2.1 MB

A Carbon Inventory for Mexico
L. Wood, D. A. Hughell, H. G. Lund, V. E. Torres, Mario Pérez-Chavéz
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Society and Nature Interactions

Human and Nature Interactions: A Dynamic Land Base of Many Goods and Services
Ralph J. Alig
PDF File Size: 395 K

The Resource Buffer Theory: Connecting the Dots from Conservation to Sustainability
Peter E. Black
PDF File Size: 210 K

What's Law Got to Do with It? The Relationship of Law to Environmental Systems Management and Sustainability Research
N. Theresa Hoagland
PDF File Size: 895 K

Establishing Empirical Bases for Sustainability Objectives
Lawrence Martin
PDF File Size: 275 K

Ecologic, Economic, and Social Considerations for Rangeland Sustainability: An Integrated Conceptual Framework
Daniel W. McCollum, H. Theodore Heintz, Jr., Aaron J. Harp, John A. Tanaka, Gary R. Evans, David Radloff, Louis E. Swanson, William E. Fox, III, Michael G. "Sherm" Karl, John E. Mitchell
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

A New Dimension in Evolution: Impacts of Human Consciousness on Sustainability--and Beyond
Charles M. McKenna, Jr.
PDF File Size: 605 K

Relating Change Patterns to Anthropogenic Processes to Assess Sustainability: A Case Study in Amazonia
Libia Patricia Peralta Agudelo
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Disembedded Ideologies, Embedded Alternatives: Agricultural Biotechnology, Legitimacy, and the WTO
Mark J. Philbrick
PDF File Size: 260 K

Human Institutions and Processes

Using Biodiversity Indicators to Assess the Success of Forecasting Adaptive Ecosystem Management: The Newfoundland and Labrador Experience
C. Sean Dolter
PDF File Size: 780 K

The Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network
Chris Jones, Brian Craig, Nicole Dmytrow
PDF File Size: 495 K

Tri Community Watershed Initiative: Towns of Black Diamond, Turner Valley and Okotoks, Alberta, Canada Promoting Sustainable Behaviour in Watersheds and Communities
Maureen Lynch
PDF File Size: 300 K

The Role of Institutions of Higher Education in Sustainability: The Comprehensive, Public, Land-Grant University
Patrick J. Pellicane
PDF File Size: 375 K

A Successful Experiment: The Boundary Spanner on the Bitterroot National Forest
Sharon Ritter
PDF File Size: 750 K

Partnerships in Community-based Approaches to Achieving Sustainability: The Atlantic Coastal Action Program
F. Rousseau, Colleen McNeil, Larry Hildebrand
PDF File Size: 360 K

Engaging Industry in Community Decision Making for a Sustainable Future
Brent Tegler
PDF File Size: 260 K

Science, Communities, and Decision Making: How Can We Learn to Dance with Many Partners?
Liette Vasseur
PDF File Size: 300 K

Sustainability Traditional Knowledge

GLOBE ONE: A Community-Based Environmental Field Campaign
Rebecca Boger, Peggy LeMone, John McLaughlin, Sharon Sikora, Sandra Henderson
PDF File Size: 290 K

Devil's in the Details: Using Archaeological and Historical Data to Refine Ecosystem Models at the Local Level
Don Hann
PDF File Size: 2.8 MB

Industrial Archaeology, Landscapes, and Historical Knowledge of Sustainability
Donald L. Hardesty
PDF File Size: 175 K

Social Memory of Short-term and Long-term Variability in the Sahelian Climate
Roderick J. McIntosh
PDF File Size: 210 K

Resource-Balance Design and Monitoring: Assessing Sustainability of FSEEC-LandLab as BSU's First Sustainable Built-site
J. L. Motloch
PDF File Size: 2.2 MB

Sustainability for the Americas Initiative: Land Design Institute, Ball State University
J. L. Motloch, Pedro Pacheco, Eloy F. Casagrande Jr.
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring: A Case Study in Uganda
Robinah K. Nanyunja
PDF File Size: 940 K

Landscape Conservation and Social Tension in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Challenges for Implementing Sustainability
Libia Patricia Peralta Agudelo, Maristela Marangon
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Visualizing the Anthropocene: Human Land Use History and Environmental Management
Richard D. Periman
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

Globalization Then and Now: Increasing Scale Reduces Local Sustainability
Joseph A. Tainter
PDF File Size: 900 K

Natural Processes and Impacts

Assessment and Monitoring of Forest Ecosystem Structure
Oscar A. Aguirre Calderón, Javier Jiménez Pérez, Horst Kramer
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

International Center for Himalayan Biodiversity (ICHB): Conserving Himalayan Biodiversity--A Global Responsibility
Ram Bhandari
PDF File Size: 210 K

Integrating Vegetation Classification, Mapping, and Strategic Inventory for Forest Management
C. K. Brewer, R. Bush, D. Berglund, J. A. Barber, S. R. Brown
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

High Resolution Wind Direction and Speed Information for Support of Fire Operations
B.W. Butler, J.M. Forthofer, M.A. Finney, L.S. Bradshaw, R. Stratton
PDF File Size: 3.5 MB

Exploring Use of Climate Information in Wildland Fire Management: A Decision Calendar Study
Thomas W. Corringham, Anthony L. Westerling, Barbara J. Morehouse
PDF File Size: 2.1 MB

Monitoring Ecological Resources within U.S. National Parks: Developing "Vital Signs" of Ecological Integrity for the Northeast Temperate Network
Don Faber-Langendoen, Geraldine Tierney, James Gibbs, Greg Shriver, Fred Dieffenbach, Pam Lombard
PDF File Size: 760 K

Sustainable Forest Management Support Based on the Spatial Distribution of Fuels for Fire Management
José Germán Flores Garnica, Juan de Dios Benavides Solorio, David Arturo Moreno Gonzalez
PDF File Size: 640 K

Geostatistical Evaluation of Natural Tree Regeneration of a Disturbed Forest
José Germán Flores Garnica, David Arturo Moreno Gonzalez, Juan de Dios Benavides Solorio
PDF File Size: 850 K

Economic Impact of Fire Weather Forecasts
Don Gunasekera, Graham Mills, Mark Williams
PDF File Size: 325 K

Inventorying and Monitoring of Tropical Dry Forests Tree Diversity in Jalisco, Mexico Using a Geographical Information System
Efren Hernandez-Alvarez, Dieter R. Pelz, Carlos Rodriguez Franco
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Tree Crown Structure Indicators in a Natural Uneven-Aged Mixed Coniferous Forest in Northeastern Mexico
Javier Jiménez-Pérez, Oscar Aguirre-Calderón, Horst Kramer
PDF File Size: 680 K

Development of a Transition Pathway Model Using Three Traditional Variables to Describe the Main Structural Characteristics of a Forest Stand Type, Size, and Density
Chad Larson
PDF File Size: 890 K

Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Development, and the U.S. Man and the Biosphere Program: Past Contributions and Future Directions
P. N. Manley, D. C. Hayes
PDF File Size: 770 K

The Multiple Species Inventory and Monitoring Protocol: A Population, Community, and Biodiversity Monitoring Solution for National Forest System Lands
P. N. Manley, B. Van Horne
PDF File Size: 1 MB

General Direction of the National Center for Environmental Research and Training (Cenica)
A. P. Martínez Bolívar, J. Zaragoza Ávila, O. Fentanes Arriaga, S. Hernández Millán, V. J. Gutiérrez Avedoy
PDF File Size: 640 K

Simulation Tools for Forest Health Analysis: An Application in the Red River Watershed, Idaho
Andrew J. McMahan, Eric L Smith
PDF File Size: 1.6 MB

Integrating Fire, Climate, and Societal Factors into Decision Support for Strategic Planning in Wildland Fire Management
Barbara J. Morehouse, Gregg Garfin, Timothy Brown, Thomas W. Swetnam
PDF File Size: 725 K

Wildfire Mitigation and Private Lands: Managing Long-Term Vulnerabilities
Brian Muller, Stacey Schulte
PDF File Size: 340 K

Temporal Tendencies of River Discharge of Five Watersheds of Northern Mexico
José Návar, Humberto Hernández, Julio Ríos
PDF File Size: 390 K

Mitigating Wildfire Risk in the Wildland Urban Interface: The Role of Regulations
Cheryl R. Renner, Margaret Reams, Terry Haines
PDF File Size: 390 K

Szendro - type Integrated Vegetation Fire Management--Wildfire Management Program from Hungary
Ágoston Restás
PDF File Size: 965 K

Decision Support for Evaluating the U.S. National Criteria and Indicators for Forest Ecosystem Sustainability
Keith M. Reynolds
PDF File Size: 795 K

Forests on the Edge: A GIS-based Approach to Projecting Housing Development on Private Forests
Susan Stein, Ron McRoberts, Mark Nelson, David Theobald, Mike Eley, Mike Dechter
PDF File Size: 750 K

Monitoring Global Crop Condition Indicators Using a Web-Based Visualization Tool
Bob Tetrault, Bob Baldwin
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Technology Innovations and Applications

A Conceptual View for Advancing Monitoring and Assessment of Land Resources in the Mexican State of Jalisco
Celedonio Aguirre-Bravo
PDF File Size: 200 K

Learning Center for Advancing Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability in the Mexican State of Jalisco
Celedonio Aguirre-Bravo, Hans Schreuder
PDF File Size: 260 K

A Research/Teaching Inventory and Monitoring Institute for the State of Jalisco, Mexico
Cele Aguirre Bravo, Hans T. Schreuder
PDF File Size: 200 K

The Trust Fund for the Administration of the Forest Development Program, and the Inventory and Monitoring of Jalisco's Natural Resources
Luis Artemio Alonso T.
PDF File Size: 185 K

Trace Chemical Detection through Vegetation Sentinels and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
John E. Anderson, Robert L. Fischer, Jean D. Nelson
PDF File Size: 895 K

Developing a Methodology to Predict Oak Wilt Distribution Using Classification Tree Analysis
Marla C. Downing, Vernon L. Thomas, Robin M. Reich
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Web Services--A Buzz Word with Potentials
János T Füstös
PDF File Size: 290 K

Forest Stand Canopy Structure Attribute Estimation from High Resolution Digital Airborne Imagery
Demetrios Gatziolis
PDF File Size: 1 MB

A New FIA-Type Strategic Inventory (NFI)
Richard A. Grotefendt, Hans T. Schreuder
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

The Use of Open Source Software in the Global Land Ice Measurements From Space (GLIMS) Project, and the Relevance to Institutional Cooperation
Christopher W. Helm
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

Forest Canopy Heights in Amazon River Basin Forests as Estimated with the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS)
E. H. Helmer, M. A. Lefsky
PDF File Size: 510 K

Aerial Detection Surveys in the United States
E. W. Johnson, D. Wittwer
PDF File Size: 275 K

Small Area Variance Estimation for the Siuslaw NF in Oregon and Some Results
S Lin, D.Boes, H.T. Schreuder
PDF File Size: 350 K

Aerial Sketchmapping for Monitoring Forest Conditions in Southern Brazil
Y. M. Malheiros de Oliveira, M. A. Doetzer Rosot, N.B. da Luz, W. M. Ciesla, E.W. Johnson, R. Rhea, J.F. Penteado Jr.
PDF File Size: 3.8 MB

Naturalness as a Paradigm for Environmental Services Assessment
Martín Alfonso Mendoza B., Ana Lid del Angel P., Gabriel Díaz
PDF File Size: 1 MB

A Heuristic for Landscape Management
Martín Alfonso Mendoza B., Jesús Zepeta S., Juan José Fajardo A.
PDF File Size: 410 K

Distributed GIS Systems, Open Specifications and Interoperability: How do They Relate to the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources?
Rafael Moreno-Sanchez
PDF File Size: 430 K

Spatial Statistical and Modeling Strategy for Inventorying and Monitoring Ecosystem Resources at Multiple Scales and Resolution Levels
Reich, Robin M., Aguirre-Bravo, C., Williams, M.S.
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Statistical Strategy for Inventorying and Monitoring the Ecosystem Resources of the State of Jalisco at Multiple Scales and Resolution Levels
Robin M. Reich, Hans T. Schreuder
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

The FIA Panel Design and Compatible Estimators for the Components of Change
Francis A. Roesch
PDF File Size: 630 K

1872 vs 2004: Mining Claim Meets the World Wide Web
Edward Russell
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Spatial Modeling of Industrial Windfall on Soils to Detect Woody Species with Potential for Bioremediation
S. Salazar, M. Mendoza, A. Tejeda M
PDF File Size: 340 K

On-Line Analysis of Southern FIA Data
Michael P. Spinney, Paul C. Van Deusen, Francis A. Roesch
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Remote Sensing, Sampling and Simulation Applications in Analyses of Insect Dispersion and Abundance in Cotton
J. L. Willers, J. M. McKinion, J. N. Jenkins
PDF File Size: 465 K

Global Cooperation and Security

Planning Quality for Successful International Environmental Monitoring
George M. Brilis, John G. Lyon, Jeffery C. Worthington
PDF File Size: 450 K

Knowledge Unification Processes

Strategic Planning for Sustainable Forests: The Plan Drives the Budgets Which Drive Results
Paul Brouha, Elisabeth Grinspoon
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Implementation of the Montreal Process: An Oregon Case Study
J. E. Brown
PDF File Size: 465 K

Canada's Experience in Applying C&I to Measure Progress Towards SFM--Perspectives from the National, Regional and Local Levels
John E. Hall, S. R. J. Bridge, Brian D. Haddon
PDF File Size: 440 K

Maryland's Strategic Forest Lands Assessment--Using Indicators and Models for Decision Support
J. L. Horan, J. C. Wolf
PDF File Size: 210 K

Soil Disturbance Monitoring in the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region
Steven W. Howes
PDF File Size: 485 K

Northern Region Landbird Monitoring Program: A USFS-University of Montana Partnership Designed to Provide Both Short-term and Long-term Feedback for Land Managers
R. Hutto, Skip Kowalski
PDF File Size: 870 K

The Process of Indicator Selection
Barry R. Noon, Kevin S. McKelvey
PDF File Size: 415 K

Syntheses and Recommendations

Using Information and Knowledge Required In Assessment and Management Applications for Sustainability
Albert Abee
PDF File Size: 170 K

Condition and Trends of Ecological and Economic Systems
Harold Bergman, Sidney Draggan
PDF File Size: 260 K

Problems and Issues Across Institutions and Programs
Douglas Powell, Jim Wood
PDF File Size: 260 K

Toward a Unified Knowledge-based Society for Sustainability -- Developing a Synthesis on the Methodological Level
Alec A. Schaerer
PDF File Size: 910 K

Title: RMRS-P-42CD: Monitoring Science and Technology Symposium: Unifying Knowledge for Sustainability in the Western Hemisphere
Electronic Publish Date: September 22, 2006
Last Update:
December 11, 2007

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