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RMRS-P-38: Sage-grouse habitat restoration symposium proceedings

Shaw, Nancy L.; Pellant, Mike; Monsen, Stephen B., comps. 2005. Sage-grouse habitat restoration symposium proceedings; 2001 June 4-7, Boise, ID. Proc. RMRS-P-38. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 130 p.

Declines in habitat of greater sage-grouse and Gunnison sage-grouse across the western United States are related to degradation, loss, and fragmentation of sagebrush ecosystems resulting from development of agricultural lands, grazing practices, changes in wildfire regimes, increased spread of invasive species, gas and oil development, and other human impacts. These losses are focusing management efforts on passive and active approaches to maintaining and restoring sagebrush rangelands. This series of 14 papers summarizes current knowledge and research gaps in sagebrush taxonomy and ecology, seasonal sage-grouse habitat requirements, approaches to community and landscape restoration, and currently available plant materials and revegetation technology to provide a basis for designing and implementing effective management prescriptions.

Keywords: Centrocercus urophasianus, Artemisia tridentata, big sagebrush, native species, biodiversity, ecology, revegetation, rehabilitation, shrub steppe

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Sage-grouse habitat restoration symposium
Nancy L. Shaw, Mike Pellant, Stephen B. Monsen
PDF File Size: 80 K

Sagebrush identification, ecology, and palatability relative to sage-grouse
Roger Rosentreter
PDF File Size: 340 K

Classification and capabilities of woody sagebrush communities of western North America with emphasis on sage-grouse habitat
Sherel Goodrich
PDF File Size: 160 K

Seasonal habitat requirements for sage-srouse: spring, summer, fall, and winter
Clait E. Braun, John W. Connelly, Michael A. Schroeder
PDF File Size: 450 K

Plant succession and approaches to community restoration
Bruce A. Roundy
PDF File Size: 70 K

Status and use of important native grasses adapted to sagebrush communities
Thomas A. Jones, Steven R. Larson
PDF File Size: 275 K

Current and potential use of broadleaf herbs for reestablishing native communities
Scott C. Walker, Nancy L. Shaw
PDF File Size: 75 K

Landscape restoration for greater sage-grouse: implications for multiscale planning and monitoring
Michael J. Wisdom, Mary M. Rowland, Miles A. Hemstrom, Barbara C. Wales
PDF File Size: 275 K

Big sagebrush response to one-way and two-way chaining in Southeastern Utah
John A. Fairchild , James N. Davis, Jack D. Brothersonv
PDF File Size: 80 K

Seeding considerations in restoring big sagebrush habitat
Scott M. Lambert
PDF File Size: 120 K

Strategies to enhance plant structure and diversity in crested wheatgrass seedings
Mike Pellant, Cindy R. Lysne
PDF File Size: 110 K

Restoring Wyoming big sagebrush
Cindy R. Lysne
PDF File Size: 120 K

Reseeding big sagebrush: Techniques and issues
Nancy L. Shaw, Ann M. DeBolt, Roger Rosentreter
PDF File Size: 100 K

Sagebrush-ungulate relationships on the Northern Yellowstone Winter Range
Carl L. Wambolt
PDF File Size: 490 K

Insects of the Idaho National Laboratory: A compilation and review
Nancy Hampton
PDF File Size: 240 K

Title: RMRS-P-38: Sage-grouse habitat restoration symposium proceedings
Electronic Publish Date: December 16, 2005
Last Update:
December 16, 2005

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