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RMRS-P-34: Silviculture in special places: Proceedings of the 2003 National Silviculture Workshop

Shepperd, Wayne D.; Eskew, Lane G., compilers. 2004. Silviculture in special places: Proceedings of the 2003 National Silviculture Workshop; 2003 September 8-11; Granby, CO. Proceedings RMRS-P-34. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 255 p.

This proceedings presents a compilation of 20 manuscripts and five posters summarizing results of research studies and management projects conducted throughout the United States in areas with special natural resource values. Topics include the restoration of various fire dependent forest ecosystems, studies of historical ecology, use of genetics in silviculture, development of old growth and late-successional prescriptions, documenting natural regeneration in burned areas, comparisons of cutting methods, coping with advancing blister rust, delineation of rare aspen forests, two-aged management in Appalachian hardwoods, forest soil productivity, managing a recreation river, and forest structure/burn severity relationships.

Keywords: silviculture, forest management, genetics, forest restoration, prescribed fire, fuels treatments, cutting methods, white pine blister rust

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Past, present, and future role of silviculture in forest management
Russell T. Graham and Theresa Benavidez Jain
PDF File Size: 900 K

A collaborative fire hazard reduction/ecosystem restoration stewardship project in a Montana mixed ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir/western larch wildland urban interface
Steve Slaughter, Laura Ward, Michael Hillis, Jim Chew, Rebecca McFarlan
PDF File Size: 900 K

Silvicultural activities in Pringle Falls Experimental Forest, Central Oregon
Andrew Youngblood, Kim Johnson, Jim Schlaich, and Boyd Wickman
PDF File Size: 2.5 MB

Enhancing moist forest restoration opportunities in riparian systems
Theresa Benavidez Jain and Russell T. Graham
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Silvics and silviculture in the southwestern pinyon-juniper woodlands
Gerald J. Gottfried
PDF File Size: 300 K

A prescription for old-growth-like characteristics in southern pines
Don C. Bragg
PDF File Size: 850 K

Spatial distribution of ponderosa pine seedlings along environmental gradients within burned areas in the Black Hills, South Dakota
V.H. Bonnet, A.W. Schoettle, and W.D. Shepperd
PDF File Size: 800 K

The Cutting Methods Demonstration Study at Fraser Experimental Forest
Wayne D. Shepperd, Lance A. Asherin, Stephen A. Mata, and Douglas L. McClain
PDF File Size: 320 K

Silviculture in cooperation with hunters: The Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative
Scott Reitz, Andrea Hille, and Susan Stout
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

Restoring the longleaf pine ecosystem: The role of container seedling technology
James P. Barnett
PDF File Size: 300 K

Restoration and management of eastern white pine within high blister rust hazard zones in the Lake States
S. A. Katovich, J. G. O'Brien, M. E. Mielke, and M. E. Ostry
PDF File Size: 500 K

Developing proactive management options to sustain bristlecone and limber pine ecosystems in the presence of a non-native pathogen
A. W. Schoettle
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Long-term sustainability in Davis Late Successional Reserve
Jim Stone and Joan Kittrell
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Development of a protocol for the ecological assessment of a special species
David Burton
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Composition and development of reproduction in two-age Appalachian hardwood stands: 20-year results
Gary W. Miller, James N. Kochenderfer, and Desta Fekedulegn
PDF File Size: 400 K

Shortleaf pine-bluestem habitat restoration in the Interior Highlands: Implications for stand growth and regeneration
James M. Guldin, John Strom, Warren Montague, and Larry D. Hedrick
PDF File Size: 300 K

The North American Long-Term Soil Productivity Experiment: Ccoast-to-coast findings from the first decade
Robert F. Powers, Felipe G. Sanchez, D. Andrew Scott, and Deborah Page-Dumroese
PDF File Size: 800 K

Caring for a wild and scenic river
Kris Hazelbaker
PDF File Size: 700 K

Is forest structure related to fire severity? Yes, no, and maybe: Methods and insights in quantifying the answer
Theresa Benavidez Jain and Russell T. Graham
PDF File Size: 500 K

Lessons learned in 84-year-old plots at Looking-Glass Rock, North Carolina
David L. Loftis, W. Henry McNab, Erik C. Berg, and Ted M. Oprean
PDF File Size: 400 K

Title: RMRS-P-34: Silviculture in special places: Proceedings of the 2003 National Silviculture Workshop
Electronic Publish Date: September 2, 2004
Last Update:
June 4, 2009

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