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RMRS-P-25: Second Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference; February 12-14, 2002 ; Fort Collins, CO.

Crookston, Nicholas L.; Havis, Robert N., comps. 2002. Second Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference; February 12-14, 2002; Fort Collins, CO. Proc. RMRS-P-25. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 208 p.

The Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) is a computer program that projects the development of forest stands in the United States and British Columbia, Canada. The proceedings of the second FVS conference, held in Fort Collins, CO, includes 34 papers dealing with applications of FVS that range from the stand-level through full-scale landscape analyses. Forecasts ranging from wildlife habitat indicators through economic returns on investments take into account the effects of insects, pathogens, and fire. Also presented are recent advances in computer visualization technology, the analysis of model prediction uncertainty, model development techniques, software support tools, and the reconstruction of historical stand conditions.

Keywords: forest management, forest planning, landscape dynamics, vegetation dynamics, prognosis model, visualization, growth and yield, forest health, habitat modeling

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Collaborative Technology Development and Transfer: Keynote at the Second Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference
Bov B. Eav, Ph.D.
PDF File Size: 50 K

Session 1. Tools

FVS Lessons on the Web: A Resource for Users and Instructors
John D. Shaw, James N. Long
PDF File Size: 125 K

Creating Visual Simulations of Fuel Conditions Predicted by the Fire and Fuels Extension to the Forest Vegetation Simulator
Robert J. McGaughey
PDF File Size: 230 K

Southern Pine Beetle Keyword Component Addfile for Use with FVS
Anthony W. Courter, Forrest L. Oliveria, James (Rusty) Rhea
PDF File Size: 70 K

Pre-Suppose: Preprocessor to Suppose
Don Vandendriesche
PDF File Size: 700 K

Session 2. Reality Check

Classifying Stand Structure: A Comparison of SVS Images with Plot Visits and FVS-Generated Metrics
T. M. Barrett, F. G. Schurr, K. L. O'Hara
PDF File Size: 400 K

Validation of the Forest Vegetation Simulator Growth and Mortality Predictions on Red Pine in Michigan
Erin E. Smith-Mateja, Carl W. Ramm
PDF File Size: 70 K

Calibrating FVS for the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest Planning Effort
Chad Keyser, Ron Stephens
PDF File Size: 60 K

Session 3. Landscape Applications

Using a Multichange Agent Approach with the Forest Vegetation Simulator on the Boise National Forest, Idaho
Joy C. Roberts
PDF File Size: 220 K

FVS-EMAP: A Simple Tool for Displaying FVS Output in ArcView® GIS
Andrew J. McMahan, Anthony W. Courter, Eric L. Smith
PDF File Size: 300 K

Landscape Analysis Application of the Westwide Pine Beetle FVS Extension
Eric L. Smith, Andrew J. McMahan, Thomas Eager
PDF File Size: 150 K

Methodology for Modeling the Spatial and Temporal Effects of Vegetation Management Alternatives on Late Successional Habitat in the Pacific Northwest
Helen Maffei, Brian Tandy
PDF File Size: 670 K

Landscape Analysis with FVS and Optimization Techniques: Efficient Management Planning for the Gotchen Late Successional Reserve
S. Hummel, D. Calkin, J. Barbour
PDF File Size: 90 K

Analyst Hazards When Assessing Fire, Insect, and Disease Hazard in Montana Using FIA Data with FVS: Or Alligators We Didn't See Coming
David Atkins, Renee Lundberg
PDF File Size: 140 K

Simulating Fire Hazard Reduction, Wood Flows, and Economics of Fuel Treatments with FVS, FEEMA, and FIA Data
Glenn A. Christensen, Roger D. Fight, R. James Barbour
PDF File Size: 470 K

Using the Fuels and Fire Effects (FFE) and Economic (ECON) Extensions to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) to Evaluate the Impacts of Silvicultural Regimes
David L. Renner, Fred C. Martin
PDF File Size: 90 K

Using FVS and Its Fire and Fuels Extension in the Context of Uncertain Climate
Albert R. Stage
PDF File Size: 60 K

Using the Forest Vegetation Simulator to Reconstruct Historical Stand Conditions in the Colorado Front Range
Paula J. Fornwalt, Merrill R. Kaufmann, Laurie S. Huckaby, Jason M. Stoker
PDF File Size: 370 K

Sensitivity of Forest Vegetation Simulations to Scale of the Input Data and Impact to Estimates of Key Habitat Indictors, Tree Size, and Density
Pamela E. Padgett, Klaus H. Barber , Andy Taylor
PDF File Size: 80 K

Prognosis EI: A Detailed Watershed-Level Environmental Indicators Model
Julee Greenough, Sarah Beukema, Donald Robinson, Werner Kurz, Nancy Densmore, Ralph Winter, Barry Snowdon
PDF File Size: 60 K

Linking Prognosis (BC) to Aerial Attributes for Timber Supply Analysis in British Columbia
H. Temesgen, V. LeMay
PDF File Size: 20 K

Using the Labeling Capabilities and Parallel Processing Extension of the Forest Vegetation Simulator for Resource Supply Analysis
Don Vandendriesche
PDF File Size: 250 K

Session 4. Model Development

Incorporating Soil Parent Material into Prognosis
Robert E. Froese, Andrew P. Robinson
PDF File Size: 50 K

FVSBGC: A Dual Resolution Hybrid Model with Physiological and Biometrical Growth Engines
Kelsey S. Milner, Dean W. Coble, Eric L. Smith, Drew J. McMahan
PDF File Size: 80 K

Eco-Physiology Approach to Projecting Tree Stress and Vigor in FVS
Eric L. Smith, Andrew J. McMahan, Gary Z. Wang
PDF File Size: 100 K

Stand-Level Scaling of a Single-Tree, Distance-Independent, Diameter-Growth Model: Interim Calibration of Prognosis for the Southeastern Interior of British Columbia
Abdel Azim Zumrawi, Albert R. Stage, Barry Snowdon
PDF File Size: 60 K

Diameter Growth Models for Inventory Applications
Ronald E. McRoberts, Christopher W. Woodall, Veronica C. Lessard, Margaret R. Holdaway
PDF File Size: 100 K

Assessing Sampling Uncertainty in FVS Projections Using a Bootstrap Resampling Method
T. F. Gregg, S. Hummel
PDF File Size: 50 K

Comparing Methods for Modelling Tree Mortality
James W. Flewelling, Robert A. Monserud
PDF File Size: 70 K

Spatial Statistical Model for the Spread of Dwarf Mistletoe Within and Between Stands
Donald C. E. Robinson, Brian W. Geils, John A. Muir
PDF File Size: 160 K

Session 5. FVS in Modeling Systems

An Intelligent Information System for Forest Management: NED/FVS Integration
J. Wang, W. D. Potter, D. Nute, F. Maier, H. M. Rauscher, M. J. Twery, S. Thomasma, P. Knopp
PDF File Size: 500 K

Use of the Forest Vegetation Simulator in Determining Optimal Forest Rotation Settings for Abandoned Mined Lands in Appalachia
Richard Bates, Gary D. Kronrad, Ching-Hsun Huan, Don Vandendriesche
PDF File Size: 70 K

Linking Tools of Forest and Wildlife Managers: Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Using the Landscape Management System
Kevin R. Ceder , John M. Marzluff
PDF File Size: 250 K

Title: RMRS-P-25: Second Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference; February 12-14, 2002; Fort Collins, CO.
Electronic Publish Date: September 26, 2002
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January 22, 2010

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