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RMRS-P-19: Proceedings: National silvicultural workshop

Barras, Stanley J., ed. 2001. Proceedings: National silvicultural workshop; 1999 October 5-7; Kalispell, MT. Proceedings RMRS-P-19. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 85 p.

Silviculture, as an integrative discipline, must combine management skills with scientific and technical knowledge in the management of forests and woodlands. While traditionally, silviculturists worked in fine resolution landscapes, today's practitioner must look at encompassing both larger geographic areas (adjacent stands, watersheds, regions, subregions) and wider objectives (trees as well as wildlife, commodities, recreation, sustainability, biological diversity, air quality, and ecosystem resilience). The 12 papers in this proceedings explore the past, present, and desired future of silviculture's role and practice. Examination of disturbance ecology in ecosystem management includes natural and induced disturbances, and management options. Discussion of desired future conditions includes the importance of understanding the connection between ecological values and social values, as well as historic reference conditions as they relate to creating forest plans. A section on inventory, monitoring, and adaptive management looks at multiresource and multiscale data assessments and temporal continuity; included are design alternatives and a discussion of how to adapt silvicultural prescriptions. Case studies throughout the proceedings help the reader understand the practical applications, the successes, and the need for further work.

Keywords: disturbance regimes, disturbance ecology, landscape, ecosystem management, stand structure, successional reserves, adaptive management

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I: Overview Papers

The role of the silviculturist at multiple scales
Russell T. Graham, Barry Bollenbacher
PDF File Size: 610 K

Disturbance ecology in the Northern Rockies: One perspective
Al Harvey, Penny Morgan
PDF File Size: 95 K

Overview of developing desired conditions: Short-term actions, long-term objectives
J. D. Chew, K. O'Hara, J.G. Jones
PDF File Size: 585 K

II: Disturbance Ecology

Range and variation in landscape patch dynamics: Implications for ecosystem management
Robert E. Keane, Janice L. Garner, Casey Teske, Cathy Stewart, Paul Hessburg
PDF File Size: 110 K

Changes in plant communities after planting and release of conifer seedlings: Early findings
Philip M. McDonald, Gary O. Fiddler
PDF File Size: 115 K

Simulating historical disturbance regimes and stand structures in old-forest ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir forests
Mike Hillis, Vick Applegate, Steve Slaughter, Michael G. Harrington, Helen Smith
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Vegetative conditions and management options in even-age stands on the Monongahela National Forest
Gary W. Miller, James N. Kochenderfer, James Knibbs, John E. Baumgras
PDF File Size: 130 K

III: Achieving Desired Future Conditions

Understanding the connection between historic range of variation, current social values and developing desired conditions
Larry Blocker, Susan K. Hagle, Rick Lasko, Robert Keane, Barry Bollenbacher, Bruce Fox, Fred Samson, Randy Gay, Cynthia Manning
PDF File Size: 125 K

Developing desired future conditions with the landscape management system: A case study of the Gotchen Late Successional Reserve
R. Mendez-Treneman, S. Hummel, G. Porterie, C. D. Oliver
PDF File Size: 690 K

IV: Inventory, Monitoring, and Adaptive Management

Preliminary evaluation of environmental variables affecting diameter growth of individual hardwoods in the Southern Appalachian Mountains
W. Henry McNab, F. Thomas Lloyd
PDF File Size: 305 K

Integrated inventory and monitoring
George Lightner, Hans T. Schreuder, Barry Bollenbacher, Kerry McMenus
PDF File Size: 135 K

Use of monitoring and adaptive management to promote regeneration on the Allegheny National Forest
Lois DeMarco, Susan L. Stout
PDF File Size: 110 K

Title: RMRS-P-19: Proceedings: National silvicultural workshop
Electronic Publish Date: January 8, 2008
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January 8, 2008

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