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RMRS-P-12: North American Science Symposium: Toward a unified framework for inventorying and monitoring forest ecosystem resources

Aguirre-Bravo, Celedonio; Franco, Carlos Rodriguez, compilers. 1999. North American Science Symposium: Toward a unified framework for inventorying and monitoring forest ecosystem resources. Guadalajara, Mexico (November 2-6, 1998). Proceedings RMRS-P-12. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fort Collins, CO USA. 533 p.

The general objective of this Symposium was to build on the best science and technology available to assure that the data and information produced in future inventory and monitoring programs are comparable, quality assured, available, and adequate for their intended purposes, thereby providing a reliable framework for characterization, assessment, and management of forest ecosystems in North America. Central to the syntheses delivered in this Symposium was the conclusion that a fundamental improvement in the approaches used for inventorying and monitoring ecosystem resources is required to meet current and future environmental uncertainties. Specific actions were proposed to address these challenges. These strategic actions are described in the last chapter of these proceedings.

Keywords: inventorying and monitoring, forest ecosystem resources, characterization, assessment, management

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Keynote Speech
Robert Lewis Jr.
PDF File Size: 155 K

A Welcome Reunion
Sidney Draggan
PDF File Size: 130 K

Subject I: Global Environmental Change

Global Change Impacts in Nature Reserves in the United States
Thomas J. Stohlgren
PDF File Size: 585 K

Ecological Change and the Challenges for Monitoring
Thomas Brydges
PDF File Size: 160 K

Algunos Aspectos del Cambio Global Desde la Perspectiva Mexicana
Maria de Lourdes de Bauer
PDF File Size: 515 K

Global Change and the Prospects for Humanity in the Knowledge Age
Thomas F. Malone
PDF File Size: 585 K

Comunicacion Ambiental y Recursos Naturales
Luis Manuel Guerra
PDF File Size: 110 K

Subject II: Science and Technology Applications

Spatial Data Infrastructure and Geostatistical Analysis of Forest Canopy-Hydrologic Interactions, at the Fraser Experimental Forest, Colorado, USA
H. Todd Mowrer, Charles A. Troendle, Gerhard Hunner
PDF File Size: 860 K

Spatially Based Forest Inventory Approach for Ejido el Largo, Chihuahua, Mexico
Robin M. Reich, C. Aguirre-Bravo, M. Kalkhan, Vanessa A. Bravo
PDF File Size: 1.7 MB

Design and Implementation Strategy for the Creation of a Basic GIS Infrastructure for Supporting Forest Ecosystem Resources Inventorying, Monitoring and Management
Rafael Moreno-Sanchez, Celedonio Aguirre-Bravo, Anita Hoover, Johnell Geddes, Frederick Couch
PDF File Size: 635 K

Evaluacion de Diferentes Modelos Auxiliares en Inventarios de Recursos Naturales: Estimacion de Areas
Fabian Islas Gutierrez, Gerardo H. Terrazas Gonzalez, Juan Islas Gutierrez
PDF File Size: 655 K

Determinacion de la Degradacion Inducida por el Hombre en el Estado de Tlaxcala
Francisco Moreno Sanchez, Diego D. Reygadas Prado
PDF File Size: 290 K

Evaluation of Projection Methods to Predict Wetland Area Sizes
Gerardo H. Terrazas Gonzalez, David C. Bowden, Kenneth Burnhamm
PDF File Size: 115 K

Aerial Sketch Mapping Surveys the Past, Present and Future
Timothy J. McConnell
PDF File Size: 485 K

Aplicacion de la Percepcion Remota en los Inventarios de Areas Subtropicales
Eduardo Javier Trevino Garza
PDF File Size: 615 K

Real Time AVHRR Detection of Forest Fires and Smoke in Mexico Between January and June 1998
Ignacio Galindo, Ramon Solano
PDF File Size: 995 K

ECADS-A Multi-Resource Database and Analytical System for Ecosystem Classification and Mapping
Mark E. Jensen, Tim McGarvey, Patrick Bourgeron, James Andreasen, Iris Goodman
PDF File Size: 490 K

Knowledge-Based Approach to Watershed-Scale TMDL Assessment
Keith Reynolds, Mark Jensen, James Andreasen, Iris Goodman
PDF File Size: 685 K

Standard Forest Sampling Designs and Their Analysis Using TabGen
Charles T. Scott, Scott D. Klopfer
PDF File Size: 575 K

Necesidades de Monitoreo para el Manejo Forestal Sustentable de los Bosques de Coniferas del Norte de Mexico
Jose Navar
PDF File Size: 815 K

Estudio de los Suelos Forestales del Desierto de los Leones Distrito Federal
Juana Ma. Castro Servin
PDF File Size: 530 K

Inventario y Monitoreo del Recurso Micologico en los Bosques T emplados
Marisela C. Zamora Martinez
PDF File Size: 535 K

Area Natural Protegida Cerro de la Estrella Descripcion y Diagnostico
Beatriz Silva Torres, Francisco Moreno Sanchez, Diego Reygadas Prado
PDF File Size: 560 K

Inventarios Integrados y Monitoreo en Ecosistemas Forestales. Caso de Estudio: Ex-Lago de Texcoco
Francisco Becerra-Luna
PDF File Size: 955 K

Evaluacion Participativa como Parte Integral del Muestreo de los Recursos Naturales
Reynaldo Valenzuela Ruiz
PDF File Size: 780 K

Forest Cover and Natural Volatile Organic Compound Emissions in North America
Christopher D. Geron
PDF File Size: 465 K

Some Methodological Approaches to Estimate and Monitor Carbon Mitigation in the Forestry Sector
Ben H. J. de Jong
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Information for Forest Sector Policy
Klaus Janz, Reidar Persson
PDF File Size: 755 K

Implementing Ecosystem Management Concepts at Multiple Organizational Levels
William T. Sexton, Robert C. Szaro
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Propuesta para la Proteccion, la Restauracion y el Manejo de la Region de Huayacocotla, Veracruz
Carlos Mallen-Rivera
PDF File Size: 565 K

Subject III: The Evolving Complexity of Inventorying and Monitoring Forest Ecosystems

Complexity of Sampling Multiple Resources
W. E. Frayer
PDF File Size: 340 K

Reducing Barriers to Assessing Sustainability in the U.S.
Albert Abee
PDF File Size: 785 K

Mexican Experiences in Forest Monitoring Research
Carlos Rodriguez Franco
PDF File Size: 720 K

Plot Designs for Ecological Monitoring of Forest and Range
Hans T. Schreuder, Paul H. Geissler
PDF File Size: 735 K

EI Inventario Forestal de Mexico: Evolucion y Perspectivas
Miguel Caballero Deloya
PDF File Size: 500 K

International Long-Term Ecological Research: A Role in Research, Inventorying and Monitoring Forest Ecosystem Resources
James R. Gosz
PDF File Size: 3.1 MB

USGS-NPS Vegetation Mapping Program
Thomas Owens
PDF File Size: 420 K

Integrating Spatial Statistics with GIS and Remote Sensing in Designing Multiresource Inventories
Robin M. Reich, Vanessa A. Bravo
PDF File Size: 620 K

Inventories of U.S. Wetlands
W.E. Frayer
PDF File Size: 445 K

Expanding Applications, Data, and Models in a Forest Inventory of Northern Utah, USA
Gretchen G. Moisen, Thomas C. Edwards, Jr., Tracey S. Frescino
PDF File Size: 775 K

Permanent Control Sites for Monitoring Forest Resources in Protected Natural Areas in the State of Jalisco, Mexico
Agustin Gallegos Rodriguez, Raymundo Villavicencio Garcia, Efren Hernandez Alvarez, Antonio Rodriguez Rivas, Carlos Felix Becerra S., Carlos Alfonso Munoz Robles
PDF File Size: 850 K

Industry Perspectives on Implementing and Analyzing an Annual Forest Inventory
Paul C. Van Deusen
PDF File Size: 360 K

Reporting on the State of Ecosystems: Experiences with Integrating Monitoring and SOE Activities in Canada and North America
Ed B. Wiken, David A. Gauthier
PDF File Size: 720 K

Ecological Monitoring for the Northwest Forest Plan: A Comparison to Other Major Ecosystem Initiatives
David E. Busch
PDF File Size: 740 K

Canadian Perspectives on Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring
Judy Loo
PDF File Size: 380 K

Measuring and Monitoring Biodiversity in Nature Reserves, Forests, and Grasslands in the United States
Thomas J. Stohlgren
PDF File Size: 955 K

Conservation and Development Approaches to Integrated Inventory and Monitoring for Adaptive Management
James A. Comiskey, Francisco Dallmeier, Alfonso Alonso
PDF File Size: 605 K

Situacion Actual de la Biodiversidad de Mexico
Jose Concepcion, Boyas Delgado
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Biodiversity of Tamaulipan Thornscrub in Relation to Fragmentation
Enrique Jurado, Gerardo Cuellar, Mercedes Flores, Ignacio Gonzalez
PDF File Size: 405 K

Rapid Assessment of Endemic Bird Areas in Michoacan, Mexico
Gilberto Chavez-Leon, Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 565 K

Horizontal and Vertical Stand Structure Analysis of Uneven-Aged Pine-Juniper-Oak Mixed Forest Ecosystem in Northeastern Mexico
J. Jimenez, O. Aguirre, H. Kramer
PDF File Size: 95 K

Building the Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network: The Canadian Experience
Hague H. Vaughan
PDF File Size: 215 K

Complementary Roles of Research and Monitoring: Lessons From the U.S. LTER Program and Tierra Del Fuego
Jerry F. Franklin, Mark E. Harmon, Frederick J. Swanson
PDF File Size: 1 MB

A Comparative Analysis of Hydrologic Responses of Tropical Deciduous and Temperate Deciduous Watershed Ecosystems to Climatic Change
James M. Vose, Jose Manuel Maass
PDF File Size: 720 K

Investigaciones a Largo Plazo en Productividad Forestal de Rodales Naturales de Pinus Patula en Mexico: Long-term Forest Productivity Studies in Natural Stands of Pinus Patula in Mexico
Alejandro Velazquez-Martinez, Ana Rita Roman-Jimenez
PDF File Size: 880 K

Development of a Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Program in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska (USA)
Karen L. Oakley, Edward M. Debevec, Eric A. Rexstad
PDF File Size: 920 K

A Monitoring System for Research Natural Areas in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States
Charles T. Scott, Lucy E. Tyrrell, Marie-Louise Smith, David T. Funk
PDF File Size: 450 K

Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification-a Natural System for Ecosystem-Based Land Management
Donald S. McLennan
PDF File Size: 820 K

Subject IV: New Approaches to Integrated Inventory and Monitoring of Forest Ecosystem Resources

Forest Productivity and Diversity: Using Ecological Theory and Landscape Models to Guide Sustainable Forest Management
Michael A. Huston
PDF File Size: 1.7 MB

Integration of Strategic Inventory and Monitoring Programs for the Forest Lands, Wood Lands, Range Lands and Agricultural Lands of the United States
Raymond L. Czaplewski
PDF File Size: 905 K

A Strategic Plan for Forest Inventory and Monitoring in the United States
Andrew J. R. Gillespie
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

Characterizing Forest Fragmentation and Vulnerability Based on Patch Characteristics
K. Bruce Jones, Timothy G. Wade, James D. Wickham, Kurt H. Riitters, Curtis M. Edmonds
PDF File Size: 3.4 MB

Ecological Quality Assurance Principles
John Lawrence
PDF File Size: 525 K

Towards Harmonization for Monitoring Key Forest Variables in Europe Using Earth Observation Data
Sten Folving, Pam Kennedy, Niall McCormick
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Assessment of Rangeland Health and Resource Condition Through Ecological Classification and Predictive Vegetation Modeling
Mark E. Jensen, Roland L. Redmond, Melissa M. Hart, Iris A. Goodman, Terrence M. Sobecki
PDF File Size: 1.8 MB

Primer Inventario Nacional de Bosques Nativos
Carlos Merenson, Celina L. Montenegro
PDF File Size: 240 K

Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management: The Canadian Initiative
J. Peter Hall
PDF File Size: 650 K

The CIFOR Criteria and Indicators Research Program
Ravi Prabhu
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Aplicacion de Criterios e Indicadores en Ecosistemas de Clima T emplado en Mexico
Gil Vera-Castillo, Jesus Dorantes-Lopez, Liliana Gutierrez-Carbajal
PDF File Size: 660 K

Evaluacion y Analisis de la Estructura de Ecosistemas Forestales
Oscar A. Aguirre Calderon, Javier Jimenez Perez
PDF File Size: 525 K

Field Methods and Data Processing Techniques Associated with Mapped Inventory Plots
William A. Bechtold, Stanley J. Zarnoch
PDF File Size: 470 K

Global Strategy for Forest Information Exchange
Eric Landis, Craig Palmer
PDF File Size: 580 K

Information Management Challenges to Integrated Inventory and Monitoring of Forest Ecosystem Resources
William K. Michener
PDF File Size: 365 K

The LTER Network Information System: A Framework for Ecological Information Management
James W. Brunt
PDF File Size: 625 K

The Role of Data and Metadata Archives in Environmental Monitoring and Research Programs
William K. Michener
PDF File Size: 440 K

Evolution of Ecological Metadata Structures at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Site
Donald L. Henshaw, Gody Spycher
PDF File Size: 585 K

Situacion Actual de los Sistemas para el Manejo de Informacion de Inventario y Monitoreo Forestales en Mexico
Octavio S. Magana Torres
PDF File Size: 240 K

The Development of a Data Management System in the Luquillo Experimental Forest Long-Term Ecological Research (LUQ LTER) Site
Eda C. Melendez-Colom
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

Examples of Innovative Information Management for Reporting Forest Data and Information
Adam Fenech
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

Forest Health Monitoring Information Management System
Audrey Mac Leod, Harvey Berenberg, Brian Cordova, Susan Hua, Matthew Kinkenon, Chuck Liff
PDF File Size: 365 K

Forest Health Assessment: Science to Policy Link-an Interesting Challenge
Harry Hirvonen
PDF File Size: 640 K

An Effective and Efficient Assessment Process
Russell T. Graham, Theresa B. Jain
PDF File Size: 825 K

Problemas Practicos Que Reducen la Eficiencia de los Sistemas de Apoyo a la Toma de Decisiones Para el Manejo Forestal
Juan Manuel, Torres Rojo
PDF File Size: 540 K

Subject V: Challenges to Achieving Integration

Seeing the Trees, Forests, and the Earth
H. Gyde Lund
PDF File Size: 635 K

Retos Para Lograr el Manejo Integrado y Sustenable de los Ecosistemas Forestales
Hugo Manzanilla
PDF File Size: 645 K

Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Inventory and Monitoring into the Work of a Land Management Agency
Douglas S. Powell
PDF File Size: 705 K

Some Insights Based on the Canadian Experience
Hague Vaughan, Tom Brydges
PDF File Size: 95 K

Integrating Ecological Data Over Space and Time: Challenges for the Future
Robert B. Waide
PDF File Size: 80 K

Hacia una Valoracion Total e Integral de los Recursos Forestales
Carlos Mallen-Rivera, Edmundo Garcia-Moya
PDF File Size: 780 K

Subject VI: Conclusions and Recommendations

Symposium Conclusions and Recommendations
Celedonio Aguirre-Bravo
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Title: RMRS-P-12: North American Science Symposium: Toward a unified framework for inventorying and monitoring forest ecosystem resources
Electronic Publish Date: July 28, 2009
Last Update:
July 31, 2009

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