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RMRS-P-5: Cross border waters: Fragile treasures for the 21st Century; Ninth U.S./Mexico Border States Conference on Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife; 1998, June 3-6

Gottfried, G. J.; Edminster C. B.; Dillon, Madelyn C. (compilers). 1998. Cross border waters: Fragile treasures for the 21st Century; Ninth U.S./Mexico Border States Conference on Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife; 1998, June 3-6. Proceedings RMRS-P-5. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 341 p.

This conference brought together scientists and resource managers from government, universities, and private organizations in the United States and Mexico. In a continuing international forum, participants exchanged information on existing or potential cooperative projects, agency functions and programs, and issues were concerning natural and cultural resource management in the border states. The sessions addressed: ecotourism, recreation and partnerships, wildlife biology and management, wetlands and watersheds, flora and vegetation, environmental education, cultural resources; water resources, fisheries, and protection and conservation. These proceedings contain 26 papers and abstracts, usually in English and Spanish, for the other presentations.

Keywords: U.S./Mexico border states, recreation, parks, wildlife, natural resources, cultural resources

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Purpose of Conference and Conference Objectives
PDF File Size: 75 K

PDF File Size: 75 K

General Session

Planning for "Natural" Disaster: Unsustainable Development of United States/Mexico Border
Helen Ingram
PDF File Size: 840 K

Ecotourism, Recreation, and Partnerships

Valuing Tourism in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua, Mexico: A Comparison Between Domestic and Foreign Tourists
Lydia Breunig and Evan Mercer
PDF File Size: 875 K

Sonoran Desert Ecosystem Partnership: Putting Practice to Commitment
S.E. Cornelius and Carlos Yruretagoyena
PDF File Size: 515 K

Environmental Education

Jointly Managing a Transboundry Aquifer: A Binational Dialogue Through Community Participation and Education
Elaine M. Hebard
PDF File Size: 980 K

Tucson Audubon Society's Borderlands Environmental Education Programs
Erin K. Deely
PDF File Size: 440 K

Cultural Resources

El Uso actual de los Monumentos Historicos en la Cudad Fronteriza de Matamoros
Angelica Ibarra Gonzalez
PDF File Size: 335 K

Protection and Conservation

Areas Protegidas en Mexico ante Proyectos de Desarrollo: El Caso de la Laguna San Ignacio en B.C.S., Mexico
Lourdes Nieblas Cuevas
PDF File Size: 505 K

Ecological Information Exchange Across the Border: A Bibliography for Planners, Managers, and Research Workers
Peter F. Ffolliott, Leonard F. DeBano, Diego Valdez-Zamudio, Malchus B. Baker, Jr., Carleton B. Edminster, Daniel P. Huebner, and Gerald J. Gottfried
PDF File Size: 480 K

What to Protect in Chihuahua and Sonora
Rurik List, Oscar Moctezuma, and Matthew J. Miller
PDF File Size: 705 K

Flora and Vegetation

Caracterizacion de la Vegetacion del Desierto Sonorense en una Area del Municipio de Pitiquito, Sonora, Mexico
Cecilia Hernandez C., Glafiro Alanis F., Susana Favela L., y Alejandro Ledezma M.
PDF File Size: 655 K

Riparian Vegetation on the Rio Santa Cruz, Sonora
Gilberta Solis-Garza and Philip Jenkins
PDF File Size: 880 K

Vegetation Classification Field Techniques versus the Arizona GAP Program Vegetation Map
Peter S. Bennett and Michael Kunzmann
PDF File Size: 745 K

Legal and Illegal Trade Between Mexico and the U.S. in Plants and Plant Products Listed Under CITES
Joel P. Floyd
PDF File Size: 655 K

Water Resources

Ordenamiento Hidrologico de la Cuenca del Rio San Juan
Rafael Aranda, Rolando Zamarripa, Laura Rojas, Gabriela Navarro, y Jose Navar
PDF File Size: 505 K

El Agua en la Frontera Entre Mexico y Estado Unidos: Una Persepctiva Historica
Lawrence Douglas Taylor Hansen
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB


Influence of Low Flows on Abundance of Fish in the Upper San Pedro River, Arizona
Jerome A. Stefferud and Sally E. Stefferud
PDF File Size: 910 K

Habitat Use by Three Rio Yaqui Fishes on the San Bernardino and Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuges
Ronnie A. Maes and O. Eugene Maughan
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

El pez Pupo del Desierto (Cyprinondon macularius) en Ia reserva de Ia biosfera El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar, Sonora, Mexico
Maria de Lourdes Murguia Ruiz
PDF File Size: 600 K

Wildlife Management

Wildlife as an Economic Staple: An Example from the San Carlos Apache Reservation
Brian Czech and Luis A. Tarango
PDF File Size: 465 K

Densidad y Diversidad Estacional de una Comunidad de Roedores en Ia Provincia Biotica Tamaulipeca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Ma. del Socorro Lara-Lopez, Alberto Gonzalez-Romero, y Carlos A. Lopez-Gonzalez
PDF File Size: 740 K

Survival of Gould's Turkey Transplanted into the Galiuro Mountains, Arizona
Brian F. Wakeling
PDF File Size: 550 K

Coyotes in Urban Areas: Conflicts and Solutions
Martha Grinder and Paul R. Krausman
PDF File Size: 540 K

Analysis of a Publicly Operated Pheasant Hunt in Southern California
Erick Burres, David Fischer, and Daniel Wegner
PDF File Size: 605 K

Rainfall and Masked Bobwhites in Sonora, Mexico
Gustavo Camou L., William P. Kuvlesky Jr., and Fred S. Guthery
PDF File Size: 480 K

Poster Papers

Digital Geographic Data to Support Long-Term Ecosystem Management for the Fort Huachuca Region
Robert Lozar, John Wickizer, Sheridan Stone, David Mouat, Carl Steinitz, Gretchen Kent, Winifred Hodge, and Robert Anderson
PDF File Size: 755 K

The Possibility for Establishment of the Clam (Chione gnidia) in the Estuary of La Cruz, Sonora, Mexico
Hernan Aubert and O. Eugene Maughan
PDF File Size: 255 K

PDF File Size: 4.2 MB

Conference Participants
PDF File Size: 525 K

Title: RMRS-P-5: Cross border waters: Fragile treasures for the 21st Century; Ninth U.S./Mexico Border States Conference on Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife; 1998, June 3-6
Electronic Publish Date: January 8, 2013
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April 9, 2013

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