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RMRS-P-4: Personal, societal, and ecological values of wilderness: Sixth World Wilderness Congress proceedings on research, management, and allocation, volume I

Watson, Alan E.; Aplet, Greg H.; Hendee, John C., comps. 1998. Personal, societal, and ecological values of wilderness: Sixth World Wilderness Congress proceedings on research, management, and allocation, volume I; 1997 October; Bangalore, India. Proc. RMRS-P-4. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 158 p.

ISSN 1945-0672 (print)
ISSN 1945-0680 (online)

The papers contained in Volume I of these Proceedings were originally scheduled for presentation at the Sixth World Wilderness Congress in Bangalore, India, in 1997. Due to a delay of the Congress until 1998, these 27 papers were compiled for publication prior to presentation. Volume I and Volume II contain papers covering seven topics: protected area systems: challenges, solutions, and changes; opportunities and challenges of wilderness as a basis for sustainable development; understanding and protecting biodiversity; human values and meanings of wilderness; wilderness for personal growth; understanding threats and services related to wilderness resources; and the future of wilderness: challenges of planning, management, training, and research.

Keywords: biodiversity, protected areas, tourism, economics, recreation, wildlife

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I. Protected Area Systems: Challenges, Solutions, and Changes

Implementing an Environmental Management Regime in Antarctica
Paul R. Dingwall
PDF File Size: 115 K

Regional Features of the System of Specially Protected Areas in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
N. G. Solomonov
PDF File Size: 220 K

Protected Areas in Russia: Management Goals, Current Status, and Future Prospects of Russian Zapovedniki
David Ostergren, Evgeny Shvarts
PDF File Size: 115 K

II. Opportunities and Challenges of Wilderness as a Basis for Sustainable Development

Participatory Rural Appraisal of the Impacts of Tourism on Local Indigenous Communities and National Parks: the Case of the Pemón Kamaracoto
Domingo A. Medina, Iokiñe Rodriguez
PDF File Size: 135 K

Wilderness, Tourism Development, and Sustainability: Wilderness Attitudes and Place Ethics
Jarkko Saarinen
PDF File Size: 115 K

III. Understanding and Protecting Biodiversity

Participatory Biodiversity Management and the Concept of Mini-Sanctuaries
Shaju Thomas, Aby P. Varghese, Jayan Nandan Nair
PDF File Size: 175 K

Study of Plant Species Diversity in the West Siberian Arctic
Olga Khitun , Olga Rebristaya
PDF File Size: 230 K

Asian Ecological Transect: Evaluation of Biodiversity of Soil and Animal Communities in Central Siberia
L. B. Rybalov, T. E. Rossolimo
PDF File Size: 130 K

Siberian White Crane on Protected Territories of Yakutia (Russian Northeast)
N. I. Germogenov
PDF File Size: 115 K

Capacity Building in Protected Areas and Biodiversity Management in Cambodia
Daniel H. Henning
PDF File Size: 115 K

Wildlife Need Habitat Off Limits to Humans
Michael J. Vandeman
PDF File Size: 100 K

IV. Human Values and Meanings of Wilderness

Wayfaring Metaphors and Environmental Ethics
Karen M. Fox , Leo H. McAvoy
PDF File Size: 110 K

Person and Environment Transactions During Brief Wilderness Trips: an Exploration
Norman McIntyre
PDF File Size: 110 K

Reflections of Wilderness and Pike Lane Pond
David Reason
PDF File Size: 115 K

The Role of Wildlands in Sustaining Communities and Economies and Vice Versa
Hal Salwasser, Steve Morton, Ray Rasker
PDF File Size: 165 K

V. Wilderness for Personal Growth

Wilderness Experience Programs in the United States: Dependence on and Use of Wilderness
Chad P. Dawson, Gregory T. Friese, Jim Tangen-Foster, Josh Carpenter
PDF File Size: 105 K

Rites of Passage in the Wilderness: a Therapeutic Source of Cultural and Environmental Recovery
Steven M. Foster
PDF File Size: 105 K

Buddhism and Deep Ecology: Protection of Spiritual and Cultural Values for Natural Tropical Forests in Asia
Daniel H. Henning
PDF File Size: 110 K

VI. Understanding Threats and Services Related to Wilderness Resources

Tourism in Wilderness: M&M Toolkit
Ralf Buckley
PDF File Size: 90 K

Monitoring Recreation Resource Impacts in Two Coastal Areas of Western North America: an Initial Assessment
Christopher A. Monz
PDF File Size: 120 K

An International Wilderness Management Scale: a Common Language for a Common Heritage
Peter A. Christian
PDF File Size: 115 K

VII. The Future of Wilderness: Challenges of Planning, Management, Training, and Research

Wilderness Information Needs in the Age of Cyberspace
Charles Burgess, Wayne Freimund
PDF File Size: 120 K

Wilderness Management on the World Wide Web: an Application in Authorware
Michael A. Tarrant, Tamela L. Kibler
PDF File Size: 85 K

The Interim Management Dilemma: the High Peaks Wilderness Planning Process from 1972 to 1997
Peter Newman, Chad P. Dawson
PDF File Size: 125 K

Wilderness Management and Restoration in High Use Areas of Olympic National Park, Washington, U.S.A.
Ruth L. Scott
PDF File Size: 100 K

Current Efforts to Improve Wilderness Management Within the United States National Park Service
Jim Walters
PDF File Size: 90 K

Wilderness Boaters: Protecting Unique Opportunities in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho, U.S.A.
Alan E. Watson, Don Hunger, Neal Christensen, Dave Spildie, Kurt Becker, Jeff Comstock
PDF File Size: 130 K

Title: RMRS-P-4: Personal, societal, and ecological values of wilderness: Sixth World Wilderness Congress proceedings on research, management, and allocation, volume I
Electronic Publish Date: September 2, 2008
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September 3, 2008

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