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RMRS-P-1: Wildland Fire Research: Future Search Conference Notes

Saveland, Jim; Thomas, Dave, tech coord. 1998. Wildland Fire Research: Future Search Conference Notes; October 6-8, 1997; Park City, Utah. Proceedings RMRS-P-1. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 48 p.

This conference provided an arena for identifying common key issues that are shaping wildland fire research. Commonly identified desired outcomes include: research, integrated across disciplines, and management form partnerships; communication between management and research is effective and continuous; responsive and proactive research balances long-term scientific goals with rapidly changing management issues; the success of research and development is measured by on-the-ground implementation; and fire research is responsive to national goals and receives long-term, stable political support. Action plans were developed around the following five key themes: create an interdepartmental competitive grant program; create a coordinated response to managing fire regimes for ecosystem health; create an environment for management and research collaboration; integrate social science expertise; and assess ecological risk.

Keywords: Future Search, wildland fire research, fire research

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Title: RMRS-P-1: Wildland Fire Research: Future Search Conference Notes
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