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October, 2000

Data Base for Early Postfire Succession
in Northern Rocky Mountain Forests

Peter F. Stickney
Robert B. Campbell, Jr.

This publication provides data on quantitative postfire changes of plant species and forest vegetation components for up to the first 25 years of secondary plant succession for 55 forest sites in northern Idaho and northwestern Montana. Cover (aerial crown) and volume (aerial crown space occupied) data are presented as percent cover (m2/0.01 ha) and m3/0.01 ha to permit their direct application to the wide range of wildland management problems involving early postfire forest vegetation. These data can be applied either in terms of plant species response and development or as the development (recovery) of the major life-form components (herb, shrub, or tree) of forest vegetation. This data base incorporates extended versions of two previously published data bases. Color plates illustrate the visual change in forest succession on the 55 sites.

Keywords: secondary plant succession, successional pathway, seral brushfield development, seral forest development, postfire forest recovery, northern Idaho, western Montana, western cedar-western hemlock type, Douglas-fir-western larch type, forest succession modeling

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NOTE: Please print out this file and use it as a reference.
Adobe PDF Data Base for Early Postfire Succession in Northern Rocky Mountain Forests (PDF)


Priest River Clearcut and Broadcast Burn: 1802-13, Series 1-3

Button Series 1 - Study Area PR-05
Button Series 2 - Study Area PR-08
Button Series 3 - Study Area PR-09

Miller Creek Clearcut and Broadcast Burn: 1802-13, Series 4-21

Button Series 4 - Study Area MC-10
Button Series 5 - Study Area MC-11
Button Series 6 - Study Area MC-12
Button Series 7 - Study Area MC-14-1
Button Series 8 - Study Area MC-14-3
Button Series 9 - Study Area MC-15
Button Series 10 - Study Area MC-16
Button Series 11 - Study Area MC-17-1
Button Series 12 - Study Area MC-17-3
Button Series 13 - Study Area MC-18
Button Series 14 - Study Area MC-19-1
Button Series 15 - Study Area MC-19-3
Button Series 16 - Study Area MC-20
Button Series 17 - Study Area MC-21-1
Button Series 18 - Study Area MC-21-3
Button Series 19 - Study Area MC-22-1
Button Series 20 - Study Area MC-22-3
Button Series 21 - Study Area MC-23

Newman Ridge Clearcut and Broadcast Burn: 1802-13, Series 22-27

Button Series 22 - Study Area NR-24
Button Series 23 - Study Area NR-25
Button Series 24 - Study Area NR-26
Button Series 25 - Study Area NR-27
Button Series 26 - Study Area NR-28
Button Series 27 - Study Area NR-29

Sundance Wildfire: 1802-16, Series 28-45

Button Series 28 - Study Area SD-01
Button Series 29 - Study Area SD-02
Button Series 30 - Study Area SD-03
Button Series 31 - Study Area SD-04
Button Series 32 - Study Area SD-05
Button Series 33 - Study Area SD-06
Button Series 34 - Study Area SD-07
Button Series 35 - Study Area SD-08
Button Series 36 - Study Area SD-09
Button Series 37 - Study Area SD-10
Button Series 38 - Study Area SD-14
Button Series 39 - Study Area SD-15
Button Series 40 - Study Area SD-16
Button Series 41 - Study Area SD-17
Button Series 42 - Study Area SD-18
Button Series 43 - Study Area SD-19
Button Series 44 - Study Area SD-20
Button Series 45 - Study Area SD-21

Plant Creek Wildfire: 1802-19, Series 46-55

Button Series 46 - Study Area PC-01
Button Series 47 - Study Area PC-02
Button Series 48 - Study Area PC-03
Button Series 49 - Study Area PC-04
Button Series 50 - Study Area PC-05
Button Series 51 - Study Area PC-09
Button Series 52 - Study Area PC-10
Button Series 53 - Study Area PC-11
Button Series 54 - Study Area PC-12
Button Series 55 - Study Area PC-15

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Title: RMRS-GTR-61CD - Data Base for Early Postfire Sucession in Northern Rocky Mountain Forests
Publish Date: September 28, 2000
Electronic Publish Date: May 7, 2001
Last Update:
February 17, 2009

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