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RMRS-GTR-60: Status, Ecology, and Conservation of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher

Finch, Deborah M.; Stoleson, Scott H., eds. 2000. Status, ecology, and conservation of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-60. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 132 p.

This publication was prepared in response to a need expressed by southwestern agencies and organizations for a comprehensive assessment of the population status, history, biology, ecology, habitats, threats, and conservation of the southwestern willow flycatcher (Empidonax traillii extimus). The southwestern willow flycatcher was federally listed as an Endangered subspecies in 1995. A team of flycatcher experts from multiple agencies and organizations identified components of the publication, wrote chapters, and cooperatively assembled management recommendations and research needs. We hope this publication will be useful in conserving populations and habitats of the southwestern willow flycatcher. Financial assistance for preparing this report was provided by the Southwest Region and Rocky Mountain Research Station's Rio Grande Ecosystem Program of the U.S. Forest Service.

Keywords: southwestern willow flycatcher, endangered species, riparian, Southwest, exotic woody plants, rivers, recovery, habitat restoration, Neotropical migratory bird, brown-headed cowbird

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Chapter 1: Introduction of the Conservation Assessment Concept
Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 25 K

Chapter 2: Population Status on Breeding Grounds
Robert M. Marshall
PDF File Size: 50 K

Chapter 3: Threats
Robert M. Marshall, Scott H. Stoleson
PDF File Size: 70 K

Chapter 4: The Dynamic Environmental History of Southwest Willow Flycatcher Habitat: A Survey of Changing Riparian Conditions Through Time
Richard D. Periman, Jeffrey F. Kelly
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Chapter 5: A Survey of Current Breeding Habitats
Mark K. Sogge, Robert M. Marshall
PDF File Size: 755 K

Chapter 6: Breeding Season Ecology
Mark K. Sogge
PDF File Size: 245 K

Chapter 7: Migration and Winter Ecology
Deborah M. Finch, Jeffrey F. Kelly, Jean-Luc E. Cartron
PDF File Size: 95 K

Chapter 8: Demographic Characteristics and Population Modeling
Scott H. Stoleson, Mary J. Whitfield, Mark K. Sogge
PDF File Size: 70 K

Chapter 9: The Ecology of Brown-Headed Cowbirds and Their Effects on Southwestern Willow Flycatchers
J. C. Uyehara, Mary J. Whitfield, Lloyd Goldwasser
PDF File Size: 65 K

Chapter 10: Management Recommendations
Deborah M. Finch, Janie Agyagos, Tracy McCarthey, Robert M. Marshall, Scott H. Stoleson, Mary J. Whitfield
PDF File Size: 70 K

Chapter 11: Research Needs
Scott H. Stoleson, Janie Agyagos, Deborah M. Finch, Tracy McCarthey, Jamie Uyehara, Mary J. Whitfield
PDF File Size: 50 K

Appendix: Author Biosketches and Addresses
PDF File Size: 35 K

Title: RMRS-GTR-60: Status, ecology, and conservation of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher
Publish Date: July 31, 2000
Last Update:
June 16, 2009

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