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RMRS-GTR-10: Field guide to Intermountain sedges

Hurd, Emerenciana G.; Shaw, Nancy L.; Mastrogiuseppe, Joy; Smithman, Lynda C.; Goodrich, Sherel. 1998. Field guide to Intermountain sedges. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-10. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 282 p.

Descriptions of morphological characteristics, habitat, and geographic distributions are provided for 114 sedges (Carex spp.) of the Intermountain area. A dichotomous key, color photographs, line drawings, and discussions highlighting differences among similar species aid identification. An illustrated morphology, glossary, and index of common names simplify use. The guide is not inclusive; comprehensive local floras should be checked to confirm identifications.

Keywords: Carex, Cyperaceae, grasslike species, plant taxonomy, riparian, wetlands

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Introduction, References, Morphology, and General Description: Carex L.
PDF File Size: 252 K

Key to Intermountain Carex Species
PDF File Size: 90 K

Species Descriptions (individual PDFs -- all under 150 K):

Carex abrupta
C. aenea
C. albonigra
C. alma
C. amplifolia
C. angustata
C. aquatilis
C. arapahoensis
C. arcta
C. atherodes
C. athrostachya
C. atrata
C. atrosquama
C. aurea
C. backii
C. bebbii
C. bella
C. bipartita
C. bolanderi
C. brevior
C. breweri var. paddoensis
C. brunnescens
C. buxbaumii
C. canescens
C. capillaris
C. capitata
C. concinnoides
C. crawei
C. crawfordii
C. cusickii
C. deweyana
C. diandra
C. dioica
C. disperma
C. douglasii
C. ebenea
C. echinata
C. egglestonii
C. eleocharis
C. elynoides
C. engelmannii
C. eurycarpa
C. exserta
C. filifolia
C. filifolia var. erostrata
C. fissuricola (HTML)
C. flava
C. foetida
C. foetida var. vernacula
C. fracta
C. fuliginosa var. misandra
C. garberi
C. geophila
C. geyeri
C. gynocrates
C. hassei
C. haydeniana
C. helleri
C. hepburnii
C. heteroneura
C. hoodii
C. hystricina
C. illota
C. interior
C. jepsonii
C. jonesii
C. lanuginosa
C. lasiocarpa
C. lenticularis
C. leporinella
C. leptalea
C. leptopoda
C. limosa
C. livida
C. luzulaifolia (HTML)
C. luzulina
C. luzulina var. ablata (HTML)
C. luzulina var. luzulina (HTML)
C. mariposana
C. mertensii
C. microglochin
C. microptera
C. misandra
C. multicaulis
C. multicostata
C. muricata
C. nardina
C. nebrascensi
C. nelsonii
C. nervina
C. neurophora
C. nigricans
C. norvegica
C. nova
C. obtusata
C. occidentalis
C. oederi
C. oederi var. viridula
C. pachystachya
C. parryana
C. paupercula
C. paysonis
C. pellita
C. perglobosa
C. petasata
C. phaeocephala
C. praeceptorum
C. praegracilis
C. praticola
C. prionophylla
C. proposita
C. pyrenaica
C. raynoldsii
C. retrorsa
C. rossii
C. rostrata
C. rupestris
C. saxatilis
C. saximontana
C. scirpoidea var. pseudoscirpoidea
C. scoparia
C. scopulorum
C. sheldonii
C. siccata
C. simulata
C. specifica
C. stenophylla
C. stipata
C. straminiformis
C. subfusca
C. subnigricans
C. teneraeformis
C. utriculata
C. vallicola
C. vernacula
C. vesicaria
C. viridula
C. vulpinoidea
C. whitneyi
C. xerantica

Glossary, Index of Scientific and Common Names, Appendix: Species, Comparisons, and Back Cover

Title: RMRS-GTR-10: Field guide to Intermountain sedges
Electronic Publish Date: January 14, 2004
Last Update:
January 17, 2007

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