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Rocky Mountain Research Station
240 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526-2098

Switchboard: 970-498-1100
Fax: 970-498-1010

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RMRS Research Notes (RN)

All Research Notes (RN) printed by the Rocky Mountain Research Station listed in descending order by publication number. Only titles with links are available online.

RMRS-RN-74: Bayesian techniques for surface fuel loading estimation

RMRS-RN-73: A 20-year reassessment of the health and status of whitebark pine forests in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, Montana

RMRS-RN-72: Auxiliary VHF transmitter to aid recovery of solar Argos/GPS PTTs

RMRS-RN-71: Assessing the expected effects of wildfire on vegetation condition on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, USA

RMRS-RN-70: Planning for land use and conservation: Assessing GIS-based conservation software for land use planning

RMRS-RN-69: Post-fire erosion control mulches alter belowground processes and nitrate reductase activity of a perennial forb, heartleaf arnica (Arnica cordifolia)

RMRS-RN-68: New Mexico Forest Inventory and Analysis: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Project, Field Report: 2010-2012

RMRS-RN-67: Living with wildfire in Delta County, Colorado: cross-community comparisons

RMRS-RN-66: Living with wildfire in Log Hill Mesa, Colorado

RMRS-RN-65: Ozone monitoring at remote sites using low-power instrumentation

RMRS-RN-64: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Inventory and model-based economic analysis of mechanical fuel treatments

RMRS-RN-63: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Monitoring

RMRS-RN-62: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Prescribed fire

RMRS-RN-61: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Mechanical, chemical, and biological fuel treatment methods

RMRS-RN-60: Insights from a harvest trip model for non-timber forest products in the interior of Alaska

RMRS-RN-59: Stratifying to reduce bias caused by high nonresponse rates: A case study from New Mexico’s forest inventory

RMRS-RN-58: Understanding change: Wildfire in Larimer County, Colorado

RMRS-RN-57: Understanding change: Wildfire in Boulder County, Colorado

RMRS-RN-56: Not published yet.

RMRS-RN-55: Assessing high reliability practices in wildland fire management: an exploration and benchmarking of organizational culture

RMRS-RN-54: Turbidity changes during culvert to bridge upgrades at Carmen Creek, Idaho

RMRS-RN-53WWW: An apparent case of long-distance breeding dispersal by a Mexican spotted owl in New Mexico

RMRS-RN-52: Comparison of Kalman filters in combining panel data from the annual inventory system of the South Korea National Forest Inventory

RMRS-RN-51WWW: Predicted fuel consumption in the Burnup model: sensitivity to four user inputs

RMRS-RN-50WWW: Preliminary results from a survey of U.S. Forest Service wildfire managers' attitudes toward aviation personnel exposure and risk

RMRS-RN-49: Sampling procedure for lake or stream surface water chemistry

RMRS-RN-48WWW: Living with wildfire in Larimer County, Colorado, 2007

RMRS-RN-47WWW: Living with wildfire in Boulder County, Colorado, 2007

RMRS-RN-46: Bioenergy production systems and biochar application in forests: potential for renewable energy, soil enhancement, and carbon sequestration

RMRS-RN-45: Using a terrestrial ecosystem survey to estimate the historical density of ponderosa pine trees

RMRS-RN-44: Pruning to manage white pine blister rust in the southern Rocky Mountains

RMRS-RN-43: Using QuickBird imagery to detect cover and spread of post-fire straw mulch after the 2006 Tripod Fire, Washington, USA

RMRS-RN-42: Six-year post-fire mortality and health of relict ponderosa pines in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, Montana

RMRS-RN-41: Response of two terrestrial salamander species to spring burning in the Sierra Nevada, California

RMRS-RN-40: Mountain pine beetle-killed trees as snags in Black Hills ponderosa pine stands

RMRS-RN-39: Tree canopy types constrain plant distributions in ponderosa pine-Gambel oak forests, northern Arizona

RMRS-RN-38: Digital voice recording: An efficient alternative for data collection

RMRS-RN-37: Gambel oak growth forms: Management opportunities for increasing ecosystem diversity

RMRS-RN-36: Changes in Gambel oak densities in southwestern ponderosa pine forests since Euro-American settlement

RMRS-RN-35: Estimating soil seed bank characteristics in ponderosa pine forests using vegetation and forest-floor data

RMRS-RN-34: Fire effects on Gambel oak in southwestern ponderosa pine-oak forests

RMRS-RN-33: New procedure for sampling infiltration to assess post-fire soil water repellency

RMRS-RN-32: Whitebark pine diameter growth response to removal of competition

RMRS-RN-31: Testing Verbenone for reducing mountain pine beetle attacks in ponderosa pine in the Black Hills, South Dakota

RMRS-RN-30: Factors affecting fire suppression costs as identified by incident management teams

RMRS-RN-29: Two-aged silvicultural treatments in lodgepole pine stands can be economically viable

RMRS-RN-28: Bird counts in stands of big sagebrush and greasewood

RMRS-RN-27: Mountain pine beetle emergence from lodgepole pine at different elevations near Fraser, CO

RMRS-RN-26: Planting aspen to rehabilitate riparian areas: a pilot study

RMRS-RN-25WWW: Mitigation of wildfire risk by homeowners

RMRS-RN-24WWW: Comparing resource values at risk from wildfires with Forest Service fire suppression expenditures: examples from 2003 western Montana wildfire season

RMRS-RN-23WWW: Fuels planning: science synthesis and integration; environmental consequences
15 fact sheets: updated November 29, 2005

RMRS-RN-22WWW: Fuels planning: science synthesis and integration; forest structure and fire hazard
6 fact sheets: updated November 29, 2005

RMRS-RN-21WWW: Fuels planning: science synthesis and integration; social issues
19 fact sheets: updated September 13, 2007

RMRS-RN-20WWW: Fuels planning: science synthesis and integration; economic uses
9 fact sheets: updated November 29, 2005

RMRS-RN-19WWW: Fuels planning: science synthesis and integration; fact sheet: the fuels synthesis project overview

RMRS-RN-18: Salt content determination for bentonite mine spoil: saturation extracts versus 1:5 extracts

RMRS-RN-17: Sampling using a fixed number of trees per plot

RMRS-RN-16: Bird counts of burned versus unburned big sagebrush sites

RMRS-RN-15: Effective recreation visitor communication strategies: rock climbers in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana

RMRS-RN-14: Relationship of seed microsite to germination and survival of lodgepole pine on high-elevation clearcuts in northeastern Utah

RMRS-RN-13: Diesel fuel oil for increasing mountain pine beetle mortality in felled logs

RMRS-RN-12: Responses of Mexican spotted owls to low-flying military jet aircraft

RMRS-RN-11WWW: Hosts and geographic distribution of Arceuthobium oxycedri

RMRS-RN-10: Fire frequency effects on fuel loadings in pine-oak forests of the Madrean Province

RMRS-RN-9: Guide for fabricating and installing shallow ground water observation wells

RMRS-RN-8: Estimating the number of tree species in forest populations using current vegetation survey and forest inventory and analysis approximation plots and grid intensities

RMRS-RN-7: A bibliography for the Northern Madrean Biogeographic Province

RMRS-RN-6: A preliminary hazard model of white pine blister rust for the Sacramento Ranger District, Lincoln National Forest

RMRS-RN-5: Time-lapse photography to monitor riparian meadow use

RMRS-RN-4: Poisson sampling - The adjusted and unadjusted estimator revisited

RMRS-RN-3: Logging truck noise near nesting northern goshawks

RMRS-RN-2: Data estimation and prediction for natural resources public data

RMRS-RN-1: Recreation use allocation: alternative approaches for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex

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Last Modified: September 13, 2016

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