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Rocky Mountain Research Station
240 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526-2098

Switchboard: 970-498-1100
Fax: 970-498-1010

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Former Northern Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (NRM) Pre-1963 Publications:
Station Papers (1939-1953)

Listed in descending order by publication number. Only titles with links are available online.

PLEASE NOTE: these lists are for reference only and most titles are not available to order. Some titles are online (linked below) and others that are available will be added soon. For more information about any of the titles (i.e. author, date, etc.), copy/paste the title into the FS-INFO Online Index.

Station Paper 35: Forest resources of north Idaho

Station Paper 34: Resource factors affecting the feasibility of pulp mills in eastern Montana

Station Paper 33: Silvicultural practices for lodgepole pine in Montana

Station Paper 32: Growth tables for selectively-cut ponderosa pine in western Montana

Station Paper 31: Publications of the Northern Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station 1912 through 1950

Station Paper 30: Growth tables for cut-over larch - Douglas-fir stands in the Upper Columbia Basin

Station Paper 29: Fire behavior in northern Rocky Mountain forests

Station Paper 28: Forest fires in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Station Paper 27: Sampling in tree measurement sales on Northern Region National Forests

Station Paper 26: St. Johnswort on western ranges

Station Paper 25: Montana forest resource and industry statistics

Station Paper 24: The cubic foot as a national log-scaling standard

Station Paper 23: Forest resources of south central Montana

Station Paper 22: Ponderosa pine bibliography

Station Paper 21: Forest resources of northest Washington

Station Paper 20: Forest resources of southern Montana

Station Paper 19: The possibilities of modifying lightning storms in the Northern Rockies

Station Paper 18: Suggested Montana Douglas-fir christmas tree standards

Station Paper 17: Disintegration of girdled western hemlock and grand fir

Station Paper 16: Development of a blister rust control policy for the National Forests in the Inland Empire

Station Paper 15: Review or published information on the larch-Douglas fir type

Station Paper 14: List of publications available for distribution or loan 1910 through 1947

Station Paper 13: Forest resources of northern Montana

Station Paper 12: Forest resource statistics Cascade County, Montana

Station Paper 11: Tables for approximating volume growth of individual trees

Station Paper 10: The merits of lodgepole pine poles

Station Paper 9: Management practices for christmas tree production

Station Paper 8: Pole blight: a new disease of western white pine

Station Paper 7: A guide for range reseeding on and near the National Forests of Monatana

Station Paper 6: Changes in Benewah County forest statistics

Station Paper 5: Results to date of studies of the durability of native woods treated and untreated

Station Paper 4: Possibilities of wood-pulp production in the Northern Rocky Mountain Region

Station Paper 3: Blister rust control in the management of western white pine

Station Paper 2: Possibilities of partial cutting in young western white pine

Station Paper 1: A preliminary study of root diseases in western white pine

USDA Forest Service - Rocky Mountain Research Station Publications
Publish Date: July 27, 2010
Last Modified: June 6, 2011

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