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Rocky Mountain Research Station
240 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526-2098

Switchboard: 970-498-1100
Fax: 970-498-1010

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Former Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (INT) Pre-1963 Publications:
Research Papers (1943-1962)

Listed in descending order by publication number. Only titles with links are available online.

PLEASE NOTE: these lists are for reference only and most titles are not available to order. Some titles are online (linked below) and others that are available will be added soon. For more information about any of the titles (i.e. author, date, etc.), copy/paste the title into the FS-INFO Online Index.

Research Paper 70: Logging slash flammability after five years

Research Paper 69: Preliminary aerial volume tables for pinyon-juniper stands

Research Paper 68: Range resources and management problems in northern Idaho and northeastern Washington

Research Paper 67: A field test of point-sample cruising

Research Paper 66: Recreation opportunities and problems in the national forests of the Northern and Intermountain Regions as they related to the development of a research program

Research Paper 65: Management for commercial timber - Clark Fork Unit, Montana

Research Paper 64: Evaluation of forest fire retardants - a test of chemicals on laboratory fires

Research Paper 63: Tables for point-sample cruising in ponderosa pine

Research Paper 62: Useful statistical guides and graphs for neutron probe soil moisture sampling

Research Paper 61: The opportunity to thin and prune in the Northern Rocky Mountain and Intermountain Regions

Research Paper 60: Dwarfmistletoes of the Intermountain and Northern Rocky Mountain Regions and suggestions for control

Research Paper 59: Production distribution trends and freight rates as they affect Mountain States lumber producers

Research Paper 58: Logging slash flammability

Research Paper 57: Watershed management problems in the northern Rocky Mountain Region

Research Paper 56: Effects of stocking on site measurement and yield of second growth ponderosa pine in the Inland Empire

Research Paper 55: Spruce spider mite infestations in Northern Rocky Mountain douglas fir forests

Research Paper 54: Seeding depth trials with bitterbrush (Purshia Tridentata) in Idaho

Research Paper 53: Phenology and other features of the flowering of pines, with special reference to Pinus monticola Dougl.

Research Paper 52: Root characteristics of western white pine and associated tree species in a stand affected with pole blight of white pine

Research Paper 51: Costs of logging virgin ponderosa pine in central Idaho

Research Paper 50: Market prospects for Mountain States timber

Research Paper 49: Thunderstorm analysis in the northern Rocky Mountains

Research Paper 48: The Project Skyfire cloud-seeding generator

Research Paper 47: Effects of plowing and seeding on some forage production and hydrologic characteristics of a subalpine range in central Utah

Research Paper 46: Lodgepole pine - a lumber species

Research Paper 45: Industrial opportunities in the Headwaters Timber Development Unit

Research Paper 44: Relation of minimum area standards to proportions obtained by dot samples on aerial photos

Research Paper 43: A procedure for converting conventional tree volume tables (cubic) to formulae

Research Paper 42: How important is relief in area estimates from dot sampling on aerial photos?

Research Paper 41: Preliminary aerial volume tables for conifer stands in the Rocky Mountains

Research Paper 40: Regression coefficients for computing cubic-foot volume of Rocky Mountain trees

Research Paper 39: Engelmann spruce - its properties, uses and production

Research Paper 38: Economics research needs related to wild land management in the Mountain States and development

Research Paper 37: Species adaptability and seeding season for increased forage production in northeast Washington

Research Paper 36: Growth of young ponderosa pine stands in the Inland Empire

Research Paper 35: Project Skyfire - a progress report on lightning fire and atmospheric research

Research Paper 34: Delineating ponderosa pine volume and site quality classes from aerial photographs

Research Paper 33: A comparison of browse species for revegetation of big-game winter ranges in southwestern Idaho

Research Paper 32: A condition guide for aspen ranges of Utah, Nevada, southern Idaho, and western Wyoming

Research Paper 31: Statistics on western wild land resources

Research Paper 30: Lodgepole pine bibliography

Research Paper 29: Publications of the Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, 1956 through 1960

Research Paper 28: Results of cutting overmature ponderosa pine in southern Idaho

Research Paper 27: Status of research on watershed protection requirements for granitic mountain soils in southwestern Idaho

Research Paper 26: Some methods for relating sediment production to watershed conditions

Research Paper 25: Eradication of wyethia

Research Paper 24: A review of Utah's big game, livestock, and range relationship problems

Research Paper 23: Stocking of logged ponderosa pine land in central Idaho

Research Paper 22: Seedling stands from airplane broadcasting of pelleted and unpelleted seed in Southeastern Utah

Research Paper 21: Landslides and sedimentation in the North Fork of the Ogden River, May 1949

Research Paper 20: Effects of controlled burning on bitterbrush on the Upper Snake River plains

Research Paper 19: Suggestions for techniques in reforestation in the Intermountain Region

Research Paper 18: Seasonal periods for planting grasses in the subalpine zone of central Utah

Research Paper 17: Heavy stocking - a handicap to range sheep production

Research Paper 16: Seeding southern Idaho range lands by airplane

Research Paper 15: An economic analysis of public grazing problems in central Utah

Research Paper 14: Season, date, and depth of planting crested wheatgrass and other grasses at lower elevations in northern Nevada

Research Paper 13: Hints for use of the wheatland-type plows for brush eradication in connection with range reseeding

Research Paper 12: Indicators of downward trend on sagebrush-perennial grass ranges grazed by sheep in the spring and fall

Research Paper 11: Seeding grass on deteriorated aspen range

Research Paper 10: Eradication of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata)

Research Paper 9: Experiment shows value of crested wheatgrass and rye for spring and fall pasturage

Research Paper 8: An efficient method of broadcasting grass seeds

Research Paper 7: Grazing management needed after accidental burns

Research Paper 6: Principles and indicators for judging condition and trend of high range-watersheds

Research Paper 5: Good seed for range reseeding

Research Paper 4: Hand collection and cleaning of seed of native forage plants

Research Paper 3: How to reseed Nevada range lands

Research Paper 2: How to reseed southern Idaho range lands

Research Paper 1: How to reseed Utah range lands

USDA Forest Service - Rocky Mountain Research Station Publications
Publish Date: July 27, 2010
Last Modified: June 6, 2011

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