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Rocky Mountain Research Station
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Fort Collins, CO 80526-2098

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Series Publications

RMRS, RM and INT publications posted to the Web during the current fiscal year (FY14). Online journal articles and other reports also available. FY13 still available.

RMRS-RN-68: New Mexico Forest Inventory and Analysis: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Project, Field Report: 2010-2012
Posted August 29, 2014

RMRS-GTR-326: Using resistance and resilience concepts to reduce impacts of invasive annual grasses and altered fire regimes on the sagebrush ecosystem and greater sage-grouse: A strategic multi-scale approach
Posted August 25, 2014

RMRS-RN-69: Post-fire erosion control mulches alter belowground processes and nitrate reductase activity of a perennial forb, heartleaf arnica (Arnica cordifolia)
Posted August 25, 2014

RMRS-GTR-323: Photographic guidance for selecting flow resistance coefficients in high-gradient channels
Posted August 8, 2014

RMRS-GTR-325: Historical and current fire management practices in two wilderness areas in the southwestern United States: The Saguaro Wilderness Area and the Gila-Aldo Leopold Wilderness Complex
Posted August 1, 2014

RMRS-P-71: Forest conservation and management in the Anthropocene: Conference proceedings
Posted July 28, 2014

RMRS-RB-18: New Mexico’s forest resources, 2008-2012
Posted July 11, 2014

RMRS-P-70: Future Forests Webinar Series, Webinar Proceedings and Summary: Ongoing Research and Management Responses to the Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak
Posted June 16, 2014

RMRS-GTR-324: Freshwater resources in designated wilderness areas of the United States: A state-of-knowledge review
Posted June 11, 2014

RMRS-RN-65: Ozone monitoring at remote sites using low-power instrumentation
Posted May 21, 2014

RMRS-GTR-321: A landscape scale valley confinement algorithm: Delineating unconfined valley bottoms for geomorphic, aquatic, and riparian applications
Posted May 15, 2014

RMRS-GTR-322: A field guide for selecting the most appropriate treatment in sagebrush and piñon-juniper ecosystems in the Great Basin: Evaluating resilience to disturbance and resistance to invasive annual grasses, and predicting vegetation response
Posted April 30, 2014

RMRS-GTR-320: Projecting climate change in the United States: A technical document supporting the Forest Service RPA 2010 Assessment
Posted April 16, 2014

RMRS-RN-61: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Mechanical, chemical, and biological fuel treatment methods
Posted March 31, 2014

RMRS-RN-62: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Prescribed fire
Posted March 31, 2014

RMRS-RN-63: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Monitoring
Posted March 31, 2014

RMRS-RN-64: A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States: Inventory and model-based economic analysis of mechanical fuel treatments
Posted March 31, 2014

RMRS-P-69: National Proceedings: Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations - 2012
Posted March 10, 2014

RMRS-GTR-319: Climate-FVS Version 2: Content, users guide, applications, and behavior
Posted March 4, 2014

RMRS-GTR-318: Logging utilization in Idaho: Current and past trends
Posted February 6, 2014

RMRS-GTR-316: Review of climate change impacts on future carbon stores and management of warm deserts of the United States
Posted January 14, 2014

RMRS-GTR-317: Multi-agency Oregon Pilot: Working towards a national inventory and assessment of rangelands using onsite data
Posted January 14, 2014

RMRS-RB-17: Wyoming’s forest products industry and timber harvest, 2010
Posted January 14, 2014

RMRS-RP-105: Trends in snag populations in Northern Arizona mixed-conifer and ponderosa pine forests, 1997-2012
Posted January 14, 2014

RMRS-RN-60: Insights from a harvest trip model for non-timber forest products in the interior of Alaska
Posted December 12, 2013

RMRS-RN-66: Living with wildfire in Log Hill Mesa, Colorado
Posted December 12, 2013

RM-RN-462: Effect of prescribed burning on soil moisture and germination of southwestern ponderosa pine seed on basaltic soils
Posted December 12, 2013

RMRS-GTR-308: A review of fire effects on vegetation and soils in the Great Basin Region: response and ecological site characteristics
Posted November 26, 2013

RMRS-RB-16: Montana’s forest products industry and timber harvest, 2009
Posted November 13, 2013

RMRS-RN-57: Understanding change: Wildfire in Boulder County, Colorado
Posted October 31, 2013

RMRS-RN-58: Understanding change: Wildfire in Larimer County, Colorado
Posted October 31, 2013

RMRS-RN-59: Stratifying to reduce bias caused by high nonresponse rates: A case study from New Mexico’s forest inventory
Posted October 31, 2013

RM-GTR-200: Target seedling symposium: Proceedings, combined meeting of the Western Forest Nursery Associations; 1990 August 13-17; Roseburg, Oregon
Posted October 29, 2013

RMRS-GTR-311: Regional and forest-level estimates of carbon stored in harvested wood products from the United States Forest Service Northern Region, 1906-2010
Posted October 25, 2013

RMRS-GTR-312WWW: Desert Experimental Range: Annotated bibliography
Posted October 21, 2013

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Last Modified: August 29, 2014

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