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Stewart Sanderson

Dr. Stewart C. Sanderson

Position: Geneticist (plants)

Phone: (801) 356-5111

E-mail: ssanderson@fs.fed.us

Professional background:

BS, MS- Brigham Young University

PhD- University of Texas at Austin

Research Associate, Brigham Young University- 1976 to 1995

Geneticist (Professional Support), Shrub Sciences Laboratory- 1987 to present

Research interests:

Cytology and evolutionary biology of Atriplex, with Howard C. Stutz

Cytology of Artemisia tridentata,

with E. Durant McArthur

Vegetation survey at Great Sand Dunes, Zion National Park, etc.

Other items:

Sanderson, Stewart C.; Stutz, Howard C. 2001. Chromosome races of fourwing saltbush (Atriplex canescens), Chenopodiaceae. McArthur, E. Durant and Fairbanks, Daniel J. (compilers), Shrubland Ecosytstem Genetics and Biodiversity: Proceedings. Rocky Mountain Research Station, Ogden, UT. RMRS-P-21: 75-88.


To get a copy of a Downloadable Clustering Program please email Dr. Sanderson at: ssanderson@fs.fed.us