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Provo Shrub Sciences Lab
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Susan Meyer

Dr. Susan E. Meyer

Dr. Meyer joined the research staff at the Shrub Sciences Laboratory as Research Ecologist in 1987. Her work has focused primarily on the regeneration biology of native Intermountain shrubs, forbs, and grasses, in the context of the ecological restoration of shrublands, including the study of within-species genetic variation in germination regulation and seedling establishment ecology. Species studied range from dominant shrubs and grasses to rare annual and perennial herbs. She has also worked extensively with the biology of the exotic annual grass Bromus tectorum (cheatgrass or downy brome). She has been a leader in efforts to place the science of predicting seed germination phenology in the field on a more quantitative basis through the use of computer modelling techniques.

Research Studies

Ecological Genetics of the Cheatgrass - Head Smut Pathosystem

Cheatgrass Invasion Biology

Modelling Seed Dormancy Loss and Germination Phenology in Grasses

Regeneration Biology of Intermountain Native Shrubs, Forbs, and Grasses

Population Biology and Seed Bank Dynamics of Rare Plants

Genetic Issues in Restoration

Selected Publications

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