Acreage Statistics for Region 1 Montana National Forests
Interior West Resource Inventory, Monitoring, and Evaluation (IWFIA) Program
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Ogden, Utah
This reference relates to Region 1 Montana National Forest inventories conducted from 1993 to 1998.
Administered Proclaimed Pub.†† Justification
National Forest Acres * Acres Year ** for Difference ***
B-D: total **** 3,352,288 3,322,883 -- -- 29,405 acres of the Lolo NF
- Beaverhead (2,128,767) (same as adm.) 1998 administered by the B-D NF
- Deerlodge (1,223,521) (1,194,116) 1997 (Deerlodge NF).
Bitterroot: total 1,580,550 same as adm. 1996 --
- Montana (1,116,442)  
- Idaho (464,108)      
Custer: total 1,187,143 same as adm. 1998  
- Montana (1,113,607) --
- South Dakota (73,536)      
Flathead 2,351,950 same as adm. 1996 --
Gallatin 1,800,626 same as adm. 1998 --
Helena 975,402 same as adm. 1997 --
Kootenai: total 2,246,495 1,824,096 1996 -- 418,495 acres (in Montana)
- Montana (2,196,111) (1,777,616)   & 3,904 acres (in Idaho) of the
- Idaho (50,384) (46,480)   Kaniksu NF administered by
        the Kootenai NF.
Lewis & Clark ***** 1,862,291 same as adm. 1996 --
Lolo 2,079,327 2,108,732 1996 -- 29,405 acres of the Lolo NF
        administered by the Deerlodge
*  The area of administered acreage for each National Forest is the statistic used by IWFIA for area control, data compilation, and
 reporting. This acreage is based on the same year listed for the proclaimed acreage statistic.
**  The area of proclaimed acreage for each National Forest is published annually in "Land Areas of the National Forest System, FS-383."
 The year listed refers to the publication year for the particular reference book used to acquire the proclaimed acreage statistic.
***  This column is provided to explain why the administered acreage statistic and the proclaimed acreage statistic differ (when applicable).
****  Since the time of the field inventory, the Beaverhead and the Deerlodge forests have merged to form the B-D National Forest.
***** The reported figure of 300,000 acres (USDA 1996) for the Bob Marshall reserved portion of the Lewis and Clark National Forest was not
used in computing the Forestís total reserved acreage. Instead we used an adjusted figure of 300,528 acres derived from the IWFIA
phase one points. This was due to county acreage discrepancies between IWFIA phase one points and NFS supplied figures for the
Lewis and Clark portion of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.