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2010 Users' Group Meeting

April 13, 2010

Status of the Program
   Michael Wilson, IW-FIA Program Manager
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[ppt 1.6 meg]
New protocols update (forest definition, understory vegetation, and down woody material (DWM))
   John Shaw, IW-FIA Analyst Team Lead
[pdf 1.1 meg]
[ppt 11.9 meg]
New projects: Tree ring analysis, genetics pilot, tree canopy cover
    John Shaw, IW-FIA Analyst Team Lead
[pdf 3.3 meg]
[ppt 11.2 meg]
Mortality update, highlighting important species
   Mike Thompson, IW-FIA Analyst
[pdf 1.2 meg]
[ppt 6.6 meg]
First results from DWM analysis
   Larry DeBlander, IW-FIA Analyst
[pdf 2.7 meg]
[ppt 6.2 meg]
Other new projects: monitoring trends in land cover, collecting microclimate on FIA plots, and atlas of US forests
   Gretchen Moisen, IW-FIA Techniques Team Lead
[pdf 5.7 meg]
[ppt 31 meg]
Projecting changes in western conifers under a changing climate
   Tom Edwards - Utah State University
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[ppt 40 meg]
NLCD 2011 tree canopy product
   Tracey Frescino - IWFIA Techniques
[pdf 2.4 meg]
[ppt 12.2 meg]
Product carbon accounting
   Sean Healey, IW-FIA Research Ecologist

Analysis of panel data
   Ray Czaplewski, IW-FIA Research Mathmatical Statistician
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