SIMPPLLE: Simulating Patterns and Processes at Landscape Scales

System Requirements:
dot mark Java Runtime Environment version 1.5 or later (this is included in any download)
dot mark 128MB Memory (areas with large #'s of polygons, hundreds of thousands, will require more memory)
dot mark Will probably run on most any processor but faster is always better.
dot mark Known to work on: Windows XP/VISTA: Recommended 2 Ghz+ with 2GB+ RAM.
dot mark Linux: Will most likely work but will require manual installation and writing of startup shell script.
dot mark Mac OS X: It works but there are a variety of display issues with some of the dialogs.

Windows Note:
dot mark Our experience has shown that Java can only use about 1450MB RAM.
dot mark This is due to limitations of 32bit processors and the fact the Windows doesn't allow the use of much more than 2GB RAM for user processes.
dot mark This is different on a 64bit system,we have tested under VISTA, being able to use as much as 18 GB for SIMPPLLE.

Our Development System:
dot mark Windows VISTA 64bit
dot mark 20 GB RAM
dot mark 1.5 TB Hard Drive
dot mark Two Intel Xeon CPU
dot mark ArcGIS 9.3 Software
SIMPPLLE: Simulating Patterns and Processes ad Landscape Scales. For more information, please contact us.