SIMPPLLE: Simulating Patterns and Processes at Landscape Scales

The design features allow SIMPPLLE to be used as the "core ecological" model that can be used with a wide range of other models and modeling systems.


dot mark Spatially explicit, patterns of vegetation can influence the probability and spread of disturbance processes across the landscape

dot mark It's total design includes landscape components of vegetation, land units, aquatic units, and man-made units.

dot mark Functional across a range of scales from thousands to millions of acres.

dot mark Provides a continuity in planning tools for strategic to tactical planning.

dot mark Designed to work with existing inventory data in polygon or grid format.

dot mark ArcView and ArcGIS extensions have been developed for spatial output display.

dot mark Stochastic disturbance processes. Probabilities are computed for each individual plant community in a landscape.

dot mark Landscape simulations can start with a history of disturbance activities and locking in current disturbance events from insect detection surveys.

dot mark History of each vegetation unit development (treatments, insects or fire) makes a difference in its response to disturbances.

dot mark Schedules treatments which can be linked to changing vegetation attributes and disturbance process occurrence.

dot mark Links to other scheduling and optimization models such as MAGIS and SPECTRUM.

dot mark SIMPPLLE operates on any computer system that supports a Java virtual machine.

dot mark Regional Climate changes and its relationship to fire suppression, insect occurrence and intensity can be incorporated into simulations.

dot mark The system knowledge is designed to build upon use of other modeling systems such as FVS on stands or FIA plots to quantify pathway variables, and FARSITE on past fire events to quantify the type-of-fire and fire-spead logic.

dot mark System knowledge can be an integration of research results and expert opinion.

dot mark The user interface provides access to the system knowledge giving a user the ability to change it and document its source.
SIMPPLLE: Simulating Patterns and Processes ad Landscape Scales. For more information, please contact us.