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Invasive Species Working Group

The Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) Invasive Species Working Group (ISWG) is a multidisciplinary team drawn from five major RMRS Programs across the Interior West. This cross-program group synthesizes RMRS research studies covering diverse disciplines to: (1) improve access to cohesive information addressing critical invasive species issues, (2) identify emerging research needs, and (3) promote the generation of innovative tools and technologies for managing invasive species. ISWG has developed a quarterly newsletter and this website to familiarize RMRS stakeholders and customers with RMRS invasive species research activities and provide a comprehensive and easily accessible source for research findings.

Current members of the Working Group:

Pearson, Dean E    Research Ecologist, Deputy Program Manager & ISWG Team leader    406-542-4159
Butler, Jack    Supervisory Research Ecologist    605-716-2160
Chambers, Jeanne C    Research Ecologist    775-784-5329
Finch, Deborah    Program Manager and Supervisory Biologist    505-724-3671
Fornwalt, Paula J    Research Ecologist    970-498-2581
Fowler, James F    Research Ecologist    928-556-2172
Klopfenstein, Ned B    Research Plant Pathologist    208-883-2310
Lynch, Ann    Research Entomologist    520-626-9582
Meyer, Susan    Research Ecologist    801-356-5125
Negron, Jose    Research Entomologist    970-498-1252
Ortega, Yvette K    Ecologist    406-542-3246
Runyon, Justin    Research Entomologist    406-994-4872
Schoettle, Anna W    Research Plant Ecophysiologist    970-498-1333
Sieg, Carolyn H    Research Plant Ecologist    928-556-2151
Sing, Sharlene    Research Entomologist    406-994-5143
Young, Mike    Research Fisheries Biologist    406-542-3254
Zouhar, Kris    Technical Information Specialist    406-829-6924
Riparian woodland invaded by tamarisk
Technicians recording habitat data in riparian woodlands invaded by tamarisk on the Middle Rio Grande