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Staff Rides


The Staff Ride, an organizational learning tool adapted from the US Army, is a premier experiential learning event that the wildland fire community has adopted. HFRM staff participate in the development and review of wildland fire Staff Rides. For instance, in 2012, they assisted as human factors reviewers of the new Cramer Staff Ride.

HFRM is spearheading an effort to design and conduct a staff ride to highlight and advance leadership and resiliency skills. The ride centers on the Big Hole Battle of 1877 in which members of the US Army clashed with the Nez Perce Tribe. The strikingly different social contexts and military structures offer participants an unprecedented opportunity to view how mental models and leadership affect resiliency, response and outcomes. The Staff Ride is expected to be completed in 2013.


Benefits of Staff Rides

Dr. Elena Gabor, Asst. Professor of Organizational Communications at Bradley University, discusses three benefits of a Staff Ride: organizational sense-making, empathy, and organizational forgiveness. This is a quick cut taken from a longer interview following her participation in the first Cramer Staff Ride in 2012.

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