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Agency Safety Learning Journeys


In 2010, the Forest Service’s National Leadership Council (NLC) embarked on series of "safety learning journeys" to see how other leading organizations have developed an effective safety culture.

HFRM staff assisted with the design and implementation of these journeys. The HFRM group was active in setting up the pilot learning journey to Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the learning journeys to the US Coast Guard and United Parcel Service (UPS).

These learning journeys gave the national leadership of the US Forest Service a sense of the possibilities for designing a world-class health and safety management system as well as guiding culture change for sustained high performance (which is by definition ultra-safe). US Forest Service employees can find more information about the journeys on the USFS intranet at:

Following this, HFRM staff assisted the NLC in using the lessons of the learning journeys to design an Agency-wide program – the first phase of which was an 8-hour Safety Engagement Sessions. HFRM served on the national core team and attending pilot engagement sessions held in Redding, CA; Atlanta, GA; and Albuquerque, NM, then served on the training cadre that rolled out the sessions to all Forest Service employees.

HFRM staff continue to seek out, synthesize and present new information relevant to the Agency’s goals.


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