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Comprehensive Wellbeing

Wheel of Health


A foundational theory for high performance in the Forest Service includes the importance of stress-recovery cycles, coaching & mentoring, and comprehensive wellbeing. Human Factors & Risk Management (HFRM) has been benchmarking programs being offered in other organizations, sending employees to assess existing training, and developing a proposal for the National Leadership Team (NLT).

Results to Date

Based on the experience of five US Forest Service Regions 2 and 5 employees who were sent to the Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete program, a one-day workshop was developed that incorporates elements of the Corporate Athlete program with that of the existing FireFit program.

As of fall 2012, the workshop has been presented about 12 times to 420 people in both regions.

A Comprehensive Wellbeing proposal was presented to the NLT and will be the basis for another round of learning journeys.

Briefings and Presentations

HFRM staff and/or cooperators have made presentations to:
  • the Office of the Special Trust for American Indians,
  • the New Mexico Federal Executive Board with representatives from SSA, BIA, FWS, DOE, USGS, VA, US Air Force and US Army.