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Dr. Patricia A. Champ, Economist



Research Interests

Selected Projects

Selected Publications

Books and Book Chapters

Discussion & Presentation Papers

Dr. Champ's interests include validity issues associated with nonmarket valuation methods, survey research issues, allocation mechanisms for recreational opportunities on public lands, and issues associated with institutional arrangements and incentives.

Research Interests

  • Economic valuation of natural resources
  • Environmental, economic, and institutional aspects of water resource management

Selected Projects

Fire and Other Disturbances

Recreation and Tourism

Forest Planning and Resource Decision Making

Valuation Methodology and Application

Selected Publications

  • Champ, P.A. and R.C. Bishop. (Forthcoming May 2006). "Are Actual Donations to the Provision of a Public Good Sensitive to the Elicitation Format?" Land Economics.
  • Little, J., R. Berrens, and P. Champ. 2005 Uncharted Territory - The Charter Forest Experiment on the Valles Cladera National Preserve: An Initial Economic and Policy Analysis. Natural Resources Journal 45 (1): 33-76.
  • Brenkert, H., P. Champ and N. Flores. 2005. "Mitigation of Wildfire Risk by Homeowners." Res. Not RMRS-RN-25WWW. Fort Collins , CO : U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, 9p.

  • Champ, Patricia A. and Richard C. Bishop. 2001. Donation Payment Mechanisms and Contingent Valuation: An Empirical Study of Hypothetical Bias. Environmental and Resource Economics 19:383-402.
  • Champ, P.A., and R.C. Bishop. 2001. "Donation Mechanisms and Contingent Valuation: An Empirical Study of Hypothetical Bias." Environmental and Resource Economics 19: 383-402.

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Books and Book Chapters

  • Champ, P.A., and M.P. Welsh. (Forthcoming). "Survey Methodologies for Choice Experiments" Chapter 3 in Using Choice Experiments to Value Environmental Amenities. Edited by Barbara Kanninen. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Boston.

  • Champ, P. A. 2003. "Collecting Survey Data Collection for Nonmarket Valuation." Chapter 3 in A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation edited by P.A. Champ, K. Boyle, and T.C. Brown. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Boston.
  • Bishop, R.C., P.A. Champ, T.C. Brown, and D.W. McCollum. 1997. "Measuring Non-Use Values: Theory and Empirical Applications." Chapter 3 in Determining the Value of Non-Marketed Goods edited by R.J. Kopp, W.W. Pommerehne, and N. Schwarz. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Boston.
  • Bishop, R.C., P.A. Champ, and D.J. Mullarkey. 1995. Contingent Valuation. Chapter 28 of Handbook of Environmental Economics. Edited by Daniel Bromley. Blackwell Publishers, Inc. (Authorship is in alphabetical order).

Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers report work in progress. They are written to share ideas, concepts, and theories as well as preliminary empirical data, and have not been peer reviewed or approved for publication. Comments are welcome.

  • Champ, Patricia A. and Richard C. Bishop (2002). Are Actual Donations to the Provision of a Public Good Sensitive to the Elicitation Format?
    RMRS - RWU 4851 Discussion Paper
    (212 KB PDF file)

    This study examines elicitation effects for actual donations to a public good. Specifically, responses to a dichotomous choice format are compared to responses to a payment card format. We find that in this actual donation situation, the elicitation format affects the distribution of donations. Based on this result we argue that elicitation effects found in contingent valuation studies may not be due the hypothetical nature of the decision making context as has been suggested in previous studies.

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