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OptFuels: Fuel Treatment Optimization



OptFuels continues to be developed and only certain modules are now available for download. Documentation for OptFuels can also be downloaded from this page, and other promotional and informational material can be found on the Documents page.

Recent Changes

  • 23 May 2014: Final toolbar version released
  • 23 May 2014: Updated OptFuels installer with base layers



Click to download the OptFuels Installer

OptFuels continues to be developed but has been released as an installer package. This installer will install the OptFuels program on your computer as well as the accompanying ArcMap AddIn.

There are currently 2 working versions of the toolbar, version 2.5 and 3.1. The two versions have identical tools, only organized differently. All current documentation references version 2.5.

The OptFuels AddIn requires ArcMap 10. Full system requirements can be found in the User Manual.

OptFuels ArcMap AddIn

Click to download the toolbar v3.5.4

The toolbar is updated more frequently than the main OptFuels program, so if you've already installed OptFuels and just want the updated toolbar you can download it here.

User Manual

Click to download the OptFuels User Manual

The User Manual contains information about the OptFuels solver, and the procedures required to install and use OptFuels.


Complete Tutorial

Tutorial .chm Document

Tutorial Dataset

The OptFuels Tutorial is a step-by-step guide to creating a new OptFuels Alternative, setting up fire scenarios and constraints, running the solver, and viewing results. The examples given come from the tutorial dataset, also downloadable here, which is the West analysis area of Lake Tahoe.

You can download the tutorial document and dataset together (the first option in the list) or seperately (the second and third options on the list). Note that the tutorial dataset is not required to use the tutorial document, but all examples in the document will come from the tutorial dataset

You will need the OptFuels Solver to run the tutorial. Get it above.

Packaged Alternatives

Lake Tahoe North

Lake Tahoe South

Lake Tahoe West (Updated)

Lake Tahoe East

Lake Tahoe Tutorial Dataset

These packages are premade alternatives to use with the OptFuels program. These alternatives were prepared and run by the OptFuels team and have results included with the package. You can use these to simply view the results, or to build your own alternatives.

To use, download the desired analysis area above, then extract directly under your "C:\magfire" directory.

Promotional Material

Documents and presentations about Optfuels have been moved to their own Documents page.

Last Modified on: June 5, 2014