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OptFuels: Fuel Treatment Optimization

Documents and Presentations

OptFuels - 2012 Lake Tahoe Workshop

25 May 2012

The release version of OptFuels will be presented at the 2012 Lake Tahoe Workshop. For more information on the workshop, see the announcement page here.

Overview of OptFuels for Tahoe Basin

An introduction of OptFuels and the models used for the Tahoe Basin.

OptFuels Overview

OptFuels Heuristic Solver

A description and analysis of the OptFuels heuristic algorithm.

OptFuels Heuristic Solver

Erosion Response Using OptFuels

Presentation demonstrating how erosion can be predicted using OptFuels simulation and outputs.

Erosion Presentation

OptFuels Prototype - 2011 Lake Tahoe Workshop

17 May 2011

The Tahoe Basin Prototype Model for OptFuels was presented in Lake Tahoe on 17 May, 2011. The following presentations were given at the conference and are available to download.

Introduction to Optfuels

An introduction to OptFuels and its capabilities, both implemented and planned.

OptFuels Overview Presentation

OptFuels Capabilities and the Tahoe Basin Prototype Model

This is a presentation introducing the OptFuels vegetation and fuels modeling process. Key concepts covered in the presentation include fuelbed succesional pathway development, forest stand growth and treatment modeling, and data updates to reflect past disturbances.

Tahoe Risk Assessment

Tahoe Vegetation Fuels

Erosion Modelling in OptFuels

OptFuels integrates WEPP functionality to provide erosion modeling for various treatment solutions found by the OptFuels decision support tool. The following presentation illustrates this integration. Further information can be found here.

Erosion Modelling using OptFuels

The OptFuels Heuristic Solver

This presentation gives a detailed explanation of the OptFuels Heuristic Solver. More information about the heuristic solver can be found on the Heuristic Solver page.

Heuristic Solver Presentation

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