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MAGIS family of Spatial Decision Support Software tools

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Multiple-resource Analysis and Geographic Information System

Both MAGIS and MAGIS eXpress REQUIRE licensed Desktop ArcGIS to run the GIS components (It can be started up without those components, but a complete model cannot be built and solved without it).

Currently, MAGIS requires installed KETRON Mathematical Programming Systems software to solve and report solutions. Information about Ketron software can be found on the Ketron website. This link is for informational purposes only. The US Forest Service does not specifically endorse this product.

MAGIS eXpress includes its own heuristic solver. The current version allows the user to run EITHER solver.

Please contact Janet Sullivan for more information about MAGIS or MAGIS eXpress, or for information about the solver.


Product Description
MAGIS eXpress Installer for ArcGIS 9.1 60 Mb self-extracting winzip installer
MAGIS eXpress Installer for ArcGIS 9.2

60 Mb self-extracting winzip installer. The current install appears to work for ArcGIS 9.3. Please try it and let Janet know if there are any 9.3 issues.

MAGIS eXpress Installer for ArcGIS 9.3

60 Mb self-extracting winzip installer. Set for ArcGIS 9.3. Please let Janet Sullivan know if you have any issues with this installer.

Installation Instructions txt file. download or click directly to open
QUICK START guide PDF file     513 Kb
MAGIS Installer for ArcGIS version 9.1 41 Mb Installshield package. Please use only if you have ArcGIS version 9.1

MAGIS eXpress Manual

4 Mb PDF
MAGIS Installer for ArcGIS version 9.2 46 MB exe installshield package. Do not use this version if you have an earlier version of ArcGIS. Please contact the help desk if you have an earlier version. If you are running ArcGIS 9.3, please give this a try and let the help desk know if you have any problems
MAGIS Manual  


     Download the installation set and install MAGIS or MAGIS eXpress. Use the Quick Start guide for a tour through the menu system and to get some ideas of the capabilities of the system. Use the Manual for a more detailed instructions on specific tasks. When downloading materials, use the RIGHT-CLICK and choose Save Target As - saving into 'My Download Files' is a good choice. Once it is downloaded, run the installer with administrator privileges.

Please contact our help desk for further information and assistance in setting up and running a model. We are here to help!