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Greater Sage-Grouse and Energy Development

Project Title

Greater Sage-Grouse and Energy Development


Sage-grouse populations have been declining for decades and the decision by USFWS on March 5, 2010 of “warranted but precluded”, places greater restrictions on developments that could impact sage-grouse populations. At regional to global scales, wind energy is considered non-invasive or even positive, as the production of renewable energy does not incur many of the negative consequences of carbon-based energy. However at local scales, wind energy can negatively impact birds and bats, and reduce habitat for some species. Some wind energy development sites occur within the core sage-grouse breeding areas. Because of the current “Candidate” listing of sage-grouse, the permitting process for wind energy includes the need to demonstrate no loss of habitat in the affected core areas. To date, no research has evaluated conservation measures designed to increase sage-grouse populations, or the short, intermediate or long-term effects of large-scale wind power developments on sage grouse. This study will provide information that will be used widely in the future development wind energy.

Selected Publications

Greater Sage-Grouse Eggs
Greater Sage-Grouse Eggs

GSD Principal Investigators

Rumble, Mark    Research Wildlife Biologist    605-716-2174

Cooperators and Sponsors

KC Jensen, South Dakota State University
Joshua Millspaugh, University of Missouri

Bureau of Land Management
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Renewable Resources Laboratory
National Wind Coordinating Coalitions
North Dakota Game and Fish Department
Power Company of Wyoming
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Wyoming Game and Fish Department