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Ecology and Management of Leafy Spurge

Project Title

Ecology and Management of Leafy Spurge in the Northern Great Plains


This project embodies a comprehensive research program directed toward understanding the ecology and management of invasive plants in the Northern Great Plains. Objectives include:

  • interpreting the ecological impact of invasive plants on natural communities at a variety of temporal and spatial scales;
  • identifying the potential role that land use practices and management activities (e.g., livestock grazing, prescribed fire, logging) may play in the establishment and spread of invasive plants while concurrently evaluating the potential of using these management activities to control and contain invasive plants;
  • evaluating the efficacy of control methods;
  • evaluating restoration and rehabilitation techniques designed to accelerate the recovery of native communities following control of invasive species and reduce the potential for re-invasion.

Selected Publications

Leafy Spurge
Leafy Spurge

GSD Principal Investigators

Butler, Jack    Supervisory Research Ecologist    605-716-2160

Cooperators and Sponsors

South Dakota State University
Colorado State University
USDA Agricultural Research Service

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Leafy Spurge
Leafy Spurge
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