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Grassland, Shrubland and Desert Ecosystems
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Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project

Project Title

Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project


Project Logo

This project was initiated to foster the development of native plant materials for use in the Great Basin and to provide information that will be useful to managers when making decisions about selecting appropriate plant materials for seedings. As second major objective is to provide the equipment and techniques required for reestablishing diverse native communities.

Research priorities include:

  • increased understanding of genetic variability in native plant species under consideration for use in revegetation;
  • development of seed transfer zones to provide native plant materials adapted to major bio-geographic areas of the Great Basin;
  • improved availability of native plant seed;
  • development of seed technology and cultural practices required for agricultural seed increase of native forbs and grasses;
  • native pollinator management native seed production and investigation of post-wildfire pollinator recovery;
  • provision for in situ and ex situ conservation of important populations;
  • management or re-establishment of wildland shrub stands to improve seed availability and conserve native populations;
  • evaluation of the potential for increasing native plant diversity in established crested wheatgrass stands in the Great Basin while minimizing weed invasion;
  • investigation of the biology of native forbs, emphasizing seed germination and seedling establishment;
  • assessment of interactions among restoration species and between restoration species and invasive exotics;
  • evaluation of rangeland drills and strategies for establishing diverse native communities;
  • science delivery.

Selected Publications

GSD Principal Investigators

Shaw, Nancy    Research Botanist    208-373-4360
Jensen, Scott    Botanist    801-356-5124
Richardson, Bryce    Research Geneticist    801-356-5112

Cooperators and Sponsors

Current Cooperators and Sponsors

<em>Hedysarum boreale</em> seed production bed
Hedysarum boreale seed production bed grown by Lucky Peak Nursery, ID