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SAVS: A System for Assessing Vulnerability of Species
The SAVS Climate Change Tool focuses on the effects of climate change for terrestrial vertebrate species. This tool aids managers by identifying specific traits and issues related to individual species vulnerabilities. Scores generated by completing a questionnaire are meant to be used to inform management planning. More...
ArcHSI (Arc Habitat Suitability Index)
The Arc Habitat Suitability Index is a geographical information system (GIS) model that estimates the ability of an area to meet the food and cover requirements of an animal species. Developed at the Rapid City Forest and Grassland Research Lab. More...


Climate Change in the Great Plains Webinar

The Climate Change in the Great Plains webinar, August 30, 2011, presented science findings on climate change for grassland and rangeland managers. Hosted by the Rocky Mountain Research Station and the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region, speakers included researchers from USFS, ARS, Colorado State University, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the National Wildlife Federation.

Videos and slides of the presentations are available.


GSD Update
RMRS Weed Biocontrol Team. 2011. RMRS Weed Biocontrol Research: Past Accomplishments, Current Status, and Future Challenges. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.


GSD Update
GSD Update
GSD Update is a periodical review of Grassland, Shrubland and Desert Ecosystems research, focusing on a specific topic, e.g., climate change, invasive species, etc.