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Climate Change in the Great Plains Webinar August 30, 2011

A webinar hosted by the Rocky Mountain Research Station and the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region

Are you

  • a grassland manager who is wondering how changing weather and climate patterns will affect your ability to ensure sustainable use of natural resources?
  • a conservation practitioner concerned about the future of biodiversity in the Great Plains?
  • uncertain about the future of grasslands and confused about your role in finding solutions?


Climate change impacts, consequences, and response strategies in the Great Plains: an overview of context, research management interactions, and research capacity: Dennis Ojima (Colorado State University) video | slides
Implications of global change for grassland plant communities: Jack Morgan and Dana Blumenthal (ARS) video | slides
Estimating impacts of forecasted climate on rangeland productivity: Matt Reeves (RMRS) video | slides
Adaptation strategies for livestock management in Great Plains rangelands: Justin Derner and David Augustine (ARS) video | slides
The role of climate change in exacerbating other environmental threats in the Great Plains: Deborah Finch and Paulette Ford (RMRS) video | slides
Managing for species diversity under climate change: implications of future change for prairie dogs and their cohorts: Megan Friggens (RMRS) video | slides
Grassland bird conservation, their migrations, and grazing management, amid the changing climate of the Great Plains: Steve Zack and Kevin Ellison (Wildlife Conservation Society) video | slides
Soil carbon and carbon calculators: Keith Paustian (Colorado State University) video | slides
Scanning the conservation horizon: using climate change vulnerability assessments: Bruce Stein (National Wildlife Federation) video | slides
Seeing the elephant: National Grasslands socioeconomic trends within the context of climate change: Richard Periman (USFS) video | slides
Using experience and science to develop adaptation actions for the grasslands: Linda Joyce (RMRS) video | slides
What is the Forest Service response to climate change? Elizabeth Reinhardt (USFS) video | slides