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Meteorology & Climate Change

Fort Valley Experimental Forest 30-minute meteorological data from 2003 is available in a number of different ways:

Open Access Data = Open Access: available to public
Data available via external archive = External Access: available via external archive

The Experimental Forest & Range Network encourages re-use of the data collected by its members. We also recognize the importance to our participating scientists of receiving proper credit for the contribution their data make to other projects. It is also important to both our scientists and to Forest Service Research & Development that we understand who is using the EFR Network data. The scientists use this information in their performance reviews; FS R&D uses it to guide decisions on allocation of resources (e.g., to web-based access to data, re-packaging of Data Products for particular audiences, etc.) and for its performance review with Congress. Therefore, most EFR Network research data are covered by a data use agreement. If you are familiar with the Long Term Ecological Research network, you will notice that this agreement has been modeled on their agreement.

Please note that the Network does not judge the quality or appropriateness of the data use you as a potential user of our data describe in the agreement.